4CYTE Equine Epiitalis Forte Joint Support Gel Supplement For Horses 250ml

4CYTE Equine Epiitalis Forte Joint Support Gel Supplement For Horses Maintains Cartilage And Joints

Indicated for use in horses to address stiffness and lack of willingness to perform, after joint injury or surgery, and to maintain and promote healthy joints

  • Feed additive for horses which supports joint health
  • Includes Epiitalis - a parented plant extract from Biota orientalis  and is suitable for long term use
  • May help to reduce and reverse cartilage degeneration
  • May help decrease inflammatory mediators resulting in improved cartilage health
  • Supports the natural mechanism to maintain cartilage and joints
  • Assists to maintain normal joint function – protecting and promoting healthy cartilage
  • Has demonstrated efficacy
  • Manufactured using the highest quality ingredients and quality controls 
  • Safe to administer and take long-term with no known side effects.
  • Can be taken in conjunction with medications – there are no known contraindications with other drugs or supplements
  • Supports joint conditions in conjunction with prescription treatments 
  • Simple non-invasive – apply directly to food
  • Once daily dosing
  • Surgeon and veterinarian endorsed
  • Has undergone clinical studies



  • A plant oil extract patented for its apparent ability to proliferate viable chondrocyte cells for cartilage regeneration 
  • Proliferating chondrocyte cells actively ‘tips the balance’ back in favour of the production of healthy cartilage instead of degeneration
  • May suppress the chemicals responsible for degrading and impairing joint function

Can be effective in horses for many purposes:

  • Acts as a first line approach for horses showing initial signs of osteoarthritis: A horse that appears stiff with uneven gaits and a shortened stride could be displaying signs of arthritis pain. Reluctance to pick up, keep or change a lead in the canter or lope may also be signs of arthritis. In addition, horses that work at speed, such as jumpers, reiners, and barrel horses may become unwilling to stop or turn
  • Element of  treatment for arthritis
  • To reduce inflammation in the joint and assist in cartilage repair
  • Maintenance of joint health in competition horses as a prophylaxis
  • Senior/geriatric horses to maintain quality of life in managing pain and inflammation for them with arthritis


  • This product is not an alternative treatment for acute joint inflammation
  • Not to be given during pregnancy and lactation
  • Effect on breeding animals, renal and hepatic function has not been studied
  • Safe use in pregnant or lactating animals has not been established

Always consult your veterinarian

  • This product needs to be utilised in appropriate cases where genuine benefit from use can be achieved
  • It is important that veterinarians who understand your pet’s medical history and symptoms make the correct diagnosis and treatment recommendations before using this product

Directions for use

Dosage and Administration 

  • Shake well before use

Daily Dose

  • Loading: Start on 8ml per day for 14 days 
  • Maintenance: After 14 days, reduce to 4ml per day. If desired, dosage can be increased to 6ml - 8ml as required
  • Draw an accurate volume of suspension from the sachet using the applicator supplied, then administer on or within feed
  • Replace cap tightly and sit upright after each use 
  • An examination from a veterinarian is recommended prior to using this product 


  • Epiitalis 250ml/L
  • Epiitalis is a patented plant extract from Biota orientalis and is suitable for long term use 

Other ingredients

  • Plant oil, apple flavour, binders

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