48 Inch Metal Crate and Puppy Pad Bundle

46 Inch Metal Crate and Puppy Pad Bundle Is Ideal For Training Your Pet

This bundle contains: 

  • Metal Dog Crate Double Door 46inch 

  • Pet Marvel Puppy Training Pads 50pk 55cmx58cm Ultra Absorbent with Odour Control Activated Carbon 


Metal Dog Crate Double Door 46inch 

  • This handy crate has multiple uses and is a fantastic tool for toilet training, behaviour training, travel training, and training for calm and settled behaviour 

  • This handy crate also acts as a nice den - great to use as a cosy place to sleep and relax 

  • You can add in your own soft cushion, crate water bowl and plenty of toys and your dog will feel happy and comfortable at all times 

  • The crate includes two doors - front and side, allowing more than one access point to the crate in your home or in the car 

  • The metal wire construction has a durable, black-coated finish 

  • Includes a removable heavy-duty tray for easy cleaning 

  • The sliding door latch provides safety and security 

  • The rubber feet on the base of the crate protect floors and other surfaces 

  • No tools are required for assembly and it can be easily set up or disassembled within seconds   

  • The crate can be folded down flat – great for travel and storage 

  • Stainless steel crate bowls can be fitted to the crate (these can be purchased separately) 

Choosing the Correct Size Crate 

  • Measure your dog before selecting a crate – dog height (floor to top of head when the head is raised), body length (from the tip of the nose to the rear end – allow some extra length for long tails) and body weight 

  • The height and length of the dog are more helpful than the body weight 

  • The selected crate should be large enough for the dog to sit, stand, lay down and turn around comfortably when in the crate 

  • If the dog is still growing – choose a crate size that will accommodate their adult-size 

Crate Dimensions: 

  • Size: 120cm length x 74cm width x 80cm height 

  • Fold-up dimensions: 120cm length x 74cm width x 9cm height 

  • Front door opening: 58cm length x 53cm height 

  • Side door opening: 46cm length x 59cm height 

  • Breed types: German Shepard, Great Dane, Malamute, Wolfhound 


  • Not designed to be carried with your dog inside 

  • Dog breeds recommended are simply a guide 


Pet Marvel Puppy Training Pads 50pk 55cmx58cm Ultra Absorbent with Odour Control Activated Carbon 

Pet Marvel puppy training pads have a super absorbent polymer core and activated carbon odour control technology, which will solve messy puppy toilet training problems, making it a more comfortable and easier experience for both you and your pet 

  • These puppy pee pads provide 6 layers of protection against leaks and accidents, which will keep your home cleaner and odour-free while your pet is toilet training 

  • The added inclusion of a pheromone puppy attractant makes the puppy pads an essential tool for helping your pet succeed in toilet training  

  • The innovative structural design ensures the puppy pads will reliably deliver superior performance in preventing leaks and controlling odour 

  • Each layer in the structure is bonded to the next to create ultra-absorbent puppy pee pads that can hold up to 4 cups of liquid and quickly trap urine odour 

Layer 1 Quilted Non-woven Surface Fabric 

  • Highly absorbent material that prevents messy tracking and overflow of liquid. Through its 3D diamond-shaped quilted channels, it rapidly draws liquid down into the absorbent layers of the puppy pee pad. The surface of the puppy pad retains a “dry touch” feel so the puppy will not walk through wetness, and there is no risk of surface liquid leakage when changing the puppy pad. 

  • Infused with a pheromone attractant that can only be detected by the puppy, it works as a guide to help lead them to the training pad when it is time to go to the toilet. This helps to create a more positive and successful experience for your puppy. 

Layer 2 Activated Carbon Charcoal  

  • Created with activated carbon technology to filter and trap urine odour as the urine passes down from the above layer of the puppy pee pad 

  • Provides optimal odour management to leave your home smelling fresh and clean 

Layer 3 SAP Super Absorbent Polymer Core  

  • Includes ultra-absorbent technology that converts liquid into gel to maximise liquid retention. 

  • Instantly locks away the wet urine to prevent leaking and tracking out of the puppy pad 

Layer 4 Super Absorbent Fluff Pulp   

  • Holds moisture and prevents liquid from returning to the surface of the puppy training pad 

  • Creates a mess-free clean-up experience as there is no reverse seepage of urine 

  • Helps keep the surface of the puppy pad “dry touch” so your puppy will not track moisture off the pee pad when going to the toilet  

 Layer 5 Double Tissue Paper  

  • Helps to prevent liquid from returning to the surface of the puppy training pad 

  • Ensures the surface of the pee pad will be “dry touch” when the puppy uses it, and you change the pad 

Layer 6 Leak Proof PE Film 

  • Acts as the final protective barrier between the puppy pad and the floor surface, keeping your home cleaner and more hygienic 

  • Ensures there is no dripping or free liquid when the pee pad is lifted, making a more pleasant and mess-free cleanup 

  • Includes adhesive “stay put” tabs so you can position the pad wherever you need to use it without it sliding or shifting 

Puppy training pads are not only the best tool for toilet training your puppy, but they're also perfect for: 

  • keeping the floor of puppy pens dry  

  • helping to keep pet bedding dry and clean  

  • lining the bottom of travel crates 

  • protecting upholstery in the car and fabrics on the furniture at home 

  • providing a hygienic solution when caring for pets that are not well 

  • assisting in the management of elderly pets with incontinence 





Pet Marvel Puppy Training Pads 50pk 55cmx58cm Ultra Absorbent with Odour Control Activated Carbon 

Indoor Toilet Training 

  • Remove a puppy pee pad from the pack, unfold and flatten it out with the plastic side facing down, and the quilted diamond fabric surface facing up 

  • Place the puppy training pad in the required location, peel the covers off the adhesive “stay put” tabs on the back of the pad, and press down on the tabs firmly to lock the pad in place 

  • Introduce your pet to the pad, allowing the pet to smell the special pheromone puppy attractant 

  • If the pet doesn't toilet immediately, take them back several times until they are successful 

  • When the pet toilets on the pad, reward it with a treat and enthusiastic praise. The super absorbent core and activated carbon in the pee pad will have locked away the urine, leaving it dry to touch and odour-free 

  • Replace the pads as needed. To remove the pad, simply detach the “stay put” pads, fold the puppy pee pad, and dispose of in the rubbish bin 

Indoor to outdoor transition toilet training 

  • Follow the indoor training directions  

  • Over time, move the training pad location gradually closer to a door that leads to outside, and then eventually outside the house  

  • Once outside, fold the pads to gradually reduce the size, until the pup no longer needs the pad to find the toilet spot  

  • Keep the pads on hand for car travel, and for keeping bedding and crates, clean and dry