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Wheeky Pets Treat Ball Toy For Small Animals
  • Wheeky Pets Treat Ball Toy For Small Animals
  • Wheeky Pets Treat Ball Toy For Small Animals

Wheeky Pets Treat Ball Toy For Small Animals

Wheeky Pets


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Wheeky Pets Treat Ball Toy For Small Animals Is Fantastic For Hiding Treats Inside And Encouraging Your Pet To Play
  • A fantastic treat ball with an adjustable opening that allows you to make is easier or harder for your little friend to access their yummy treats!
  • A great boredom buster that provides mental and physical stimulation for a happy and healthy pet
  • Your little mate can enjoy hours of fun and entertainment chasing the ball and watching treats fly out!
  • Easy to use – simply put your pet’s favourite kibble or treats inside, adjust the size of the opening, then sit back and watch the fun!
  • As your pet rolls and pushes the treat ball, food falls out, thus encouraging more play
  • Hollow design with an adjustable opening  
  • Lightweight and rolls easily
  • Made of durable, hard plastic material
  • Bright yellow colour with fun carrot graphics
  • For guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, and ferrets


  • 7 cm diameter


  • Please supervise your pet when they are playing with this toy 
  • Not designed as a chew toy


Directions for use

  • Place small treats or kibble inside the ball
  • Completely open the ball to start
  • Place opening face-down on floor so treats easily fall out
  • Scatter a few treats on top of, and around the ball
  • If your pet touches the ball at all, give them a treat and praise them
  • Do this 4-5 times until they figure out how to make treats appear
  • Eventually, you can make the opening smaller to make the toy more challenging
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