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Vetnex Goat Milk Powder For Dogs and Cats 200g
  • Vetnex Goat Milk Powder For Dogs and Cats 200g
  • Vetnex Goat Milk Powder For Dogs and Cats 200g

Vetnex Goat Milk Powder For Dogs and Cats 200g



28% Off RRP - Specially Designed For Animals That Require Extra Nutrients To Achieve Optimal Health - While Stocks Last
    1. Once Only SRP: $27.99 Save: 28% Off RRP $20.21
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    • Size
    • 200g - $20.21 Special

      Vetnex Goat Milk Powder For Dogs and Cats 200g

      20.21 $
    • 400g - $40.43 Special

      Vetnex Goat Milk Powder For Dogs and Cats 400g

      40.43 $

Vetnex Goat Milk Powder Is A Fantastic Nutritional Supplement For Puppies And Kittens Or Elderly Or Sick Pets
  • This highly nutritious, natural goat milk powder is specially designed for animals that require extra nutrients to achieve optimal health
  • Highly effective formula to assist puppies, kittens, sick and elderly animals for additional nutritional support
  • The perfect option for weaning, malnutrition and upset stomachs
  • 100% pure goat milk condensed into an easy-to-administer powder
  • Naturally A2 goat protein is rich in essential nutrients your pet needs to thrive  
  • High in bioavailable proteins to help promote muscle growth and maintenance
  • Great source of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and enzymes
  • Contains essential fatty acids which can assist in optimal skin and coat health
  • Low risk of allergic reactions due to the low lactose levels in the milk
  • Highly digestible and gentle on sensitive stomachs
  • The delectable taste will be irresistible for your pet
  • 100% natural
  • No artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives
  • Completely sourced from local Australian and New Zealand farms 
  • Made in Australia
  • Volume per flat scoop: 5.36g


  • 100% Australian/New Zealand goat milk powder

Directions for use

  • Dogs & cats: One serve (2-3 scoops) daily or as required
  • Sprinkle onto food or mixed with water
  • If your pet has a sensitive stomach, start at a lower dose and increase gradually
  • A dosage scoop is included in the container


  • Use only as directed
  • Do not use if induction seal under cap is broken
  • Consult your veterinarian before use for pregnant or lactating animals
  • Discontinue use and consult your veterinarian if any irritation occurs
  • Consult your veterinarian for dose if used for animals other than dogs and cats
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