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Vetafarm Delistix Herbivore Harvest Treat Stick For Small Animals 80gm
  • Vetafarm Delistix Herbivore Harvest Treat Stick For Small Animals 80gm

Vetafarm Delistix Herbivore Harvest Treat Stick For Small Animals 80gm

Designed By Vets, Perfect For Pets - While Stocks Last
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Vetafarm Delistix Herbivore Harvest Is A Yummy Treat That Your Small Pet Will Enjoy Nibbling All Day Long

This irresistibly delicious herbivore stick is jammed packed full of taste and nutrition that your little friend will love!

  • Made from fresh, natural whole food and veterinary formulated pellets
  • High quality ingredients with great variety for optimal health of your herbivore pet
  • Includes a blend of vitamins and minerals essential to general health and wellbeing
  • Contains high fibre fescue, carrot, tomato, pumpkin, and vitamin C enriched pellets
  • The treat stick is moulded around a plastic hook for easy hanging in your pet’s cage
  • Rough and tough texture for long-lasting enjoyment
  • Chewing on this treat can assist in teeth maintenance
  • Encourages natural foraging, exploratory and chewing behaviour
  • Helps to combat boredom
  • Adds tasty, fun variety to your pet’s diet
  • Developed and recommended by veterinarians
  • Australian owned and made
  • Great for herbivore pets including rabbits, guinea pigs and rodents


  • Cavy Origins Pellets, Small animal vitamin pellets – containing Fescue, Lucerne, oat fibre, stabilised vitamin C, and whole grains
  • Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, D3, E, H & K
  • Minerals: calcium, cobalt, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium, sulphur, and zinc
  • Seasonal vegetables may include carrot, tomato and pumpkin

Feeding Guide

  • Should be included as part of a balanced diet and should be used as a treat or reward
  • Use in conjunction with a recommended Vetafarm complete diet
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