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Trouble & Trix Litter Tray With Removable Hood And Scoop For Cats
  • Trouble & Trix Litter Tray With Removable Hood And Scoop For Cats
  • Trouble & Trix Litter Tray With Removable Hood And Scoop For Cats

Trouble & Trix Litter Tray With Removable Hood And Scoop For Cats

Trouble & Trix


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Trouble & Trix Litter Tray With Removable Hood And Scoop Gives Privacy For Your Cat And Keeps Litter Tidy
  • The add on hood gives your cat privacy and helps the litter to stay in the tray when the cat scratches the litter 
  • Has a step through at the front to allow easy access for your cat
  • Comes with a removeable cat flap door that can add further privacy to the tray for your cat if needed
  • There is a purpose made scoop rest molded into the roof of the hood
  • Comes with a sieve scoop - allows you to scoop and remove waste and clumped litter, while leaving clean dry litter behind in the tray
  • The tray base has been treated with an anti-bacterial property to help prevent bacteria growth
  • There is a molded handle for easy lifting on the outside lid of the hood
  • Hood is removable for easy cleaning and storage
  • Rectangular shape, when not in use, the 2 tray pieces fit one inside the other for storage
  • When the hood is attached, the higher sides can assist with cat toileting spills on to the floor
  • Easy to clean strong durable plastic
  • Bottom tray is dark grey, the add on rim is light speckled grey in colour
  • Suitable for most cats and litter types

Set includes:

  • Litter box base
  • Removeable hood
  • Removeable cat door
  • Litter scoop

Dimensions: (approximately)

  • Tray: 38cm width x 48cm length, 25cm depth at rear and 16cm depth at front
  • Entrance into tray: 12 cm high
  • Step through hood opening for the cat door: 22cm width x 21cm height
  • Tray with hood attached: 40cm width x 40cm height x 48cm length
    Note: For detailed measurements refer to image 2.
  • Litter scoop: 20cm length x 7.9cm width



  • Clean every 2 - 3 weeks or more frequently as needed
  • Discard all litter from tray and clean

Helpful Hint

  • The effectiveness and lasting qualities, of a tray or of any cat litter, can be maximised by:
  • Feeding premium, highly digestible, quality cat diets which reduce the volume of waste produced by your cat
  • Regularly removing portions of soiled waste from the litter tray using a litter scoop
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Amber - Australian Capital Territory

Yes, I recommend this product.

Love this! No mess no smell

Kat - New South Wales Kat - New South Wales

Yes, I recommend this product.

Great stuff for privacy and containment of litter. Optional flap. The scoop works perfectly with corn clumping litter. (Photo description: I use a biodegradable reusable inner tray to preserve the plastic and for easy disposal if needed.)


Yes, I recommend this product.

Good value


Yes, I recommend this product.

Love the limited mess


Yes, I recommend this product.

My kitty's weren't too keen on the door but it was really easy to take off and there were no further issues. It's easy on the eye, nice and neat and the size is just perfect.

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