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Trixie Grass Tunnel Toy For Guinea Pigs Rabbits And Small Animals
  • Trixie Grass Tunnel Toy For Guinea Pigs Rabbits And Small Animals

Trixie Grass Tunnel Toy For Guinea Pigs Rabbits And Small Animals



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Trixie Grass Tunnel Toy For Guinea Pigs Stimulates Your Small Animals Natural Instincts To Run Hide Jump Nibble And Explore
  • This fantastic tunnel provides your little mate with a fun interactive toy to keep them entertained all day long!
  • Ideal for guinea pigs, small rabbits, mice, rats and other small animals
  • The tunnel is great to place inside your pet’s hutch to combat boredom, provide a safe haven, and stimulate their natural instincts to run, climb, hide, explore, jump, and nibble!
  • The tunnel is made of natural straw material and is great for little pets who like to gnaw on things
  • Lazy pets can happily take a nap inside, while the more adventurous can run in and out of the holes or venture on top to be king of the hutch!
  • Mentally and physically stimulates your little pet through interaction, play and exercise to keep them happy and healthy
  • The tunnel is a great place for hiding yummy treats or hay inside
  • Provides a cosy retreat for your friend to take shelter and hide 
  • Can also be used as a comfy bed to curl up in and relax


  • When assembled: 30cm length x 50cm width x 25cm height
  • Front Hole: 14cm diameter
  • Side Holes: 19cm diameter one end, 22cm other end 
  • Section 1 alone: 30cm length x 26cm diameter
  • Section 2 alone: 22cm length x 16cm diameter


  • Give your pet time - Don't expect them to start interacting with the toy straight away, they will need time to suss it out, confirm it's not a predator and give it a nibble
  • Most guinea pigs are naturally very inquisitive, so it won't take them long to come sniffing
  • Encourage them with a treat
  • The tunnel is perfect for hiding tasty treats like hay and grass in the middle
  • Before giving this product to your pet, please remove all packaging  
  • Supervise your pet while using this product
  • If the product becomes damaged, please refrain from using it further
  • This product is chewable and has been made from non-toxic materials
  • To assemble, simply slide section 2 into the front hole of section 1 
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My piggies love hiding and eating this. Great fun

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