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TriplePet EZDOG Pet Toothbrush Large For Dogs
  • TriplePet EZDOG Pet Toothbrush Large For Dogs

TriplePet EZDOG Pet Toothbrush Large For Dogs



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    • Size
    • Small - $13.95

      TriplePet EZDOG Pet Toothbrush Small For Dogs

      13.95 $
    • Large - $13.95

      TriplePet EZDOG Pet Toothbrush Large For Dogs

      13.95 $

TriplePet EZDOG Pet Toothbrush For Dogs Allows You To Easily And Quickly Brush Your Dogs Teeth For Optimal Dental Health

Clean your dog’s teeth faster, easier and more effectively!

  • Using a pet-specific toothbrush dramatically improves your pets’ oral hygiene as it helps to keep teeth clean, freshen breath, and reduces the risk of dental health problems
  • This innovative toothbrush has a unique 3D design, effectively keeping your dog's teeth and gums in optimal condition
  • Specifically designed to suit the contours of your dog’s mouth
  • Cleans all sides of your dog’s teeth with 1 stroke
  • Includes three angled brush heads for a three-dimensional clean
  • The independent flexible heads maintain proper pressure on all surfaces of your dog’s teeth
  • The main bristles at the top effectively clean the top part of your dog's teeth
  • The 2 side bristles, which are on a 45-degree angle, effectively clean the sides of your dog’s teeth
  • Efficiently stimulates your dog's gums and removes plaque
  • The bristles are made of high-quality nylon filaments with the appropriate softness needed for dog mouths
  • Ergonomically designed handle for superior comfort
  • Includes a tongue cleaner at the back/base of the brush
  • When in use, the brush is guided by the teeth, cleaning the inside and outside surfaces at the same time
  • Targets the vulnerable area between the teeth and gum line
  • Gives a faster, easier and more efficient clean with each brush stroke
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Designed for everyday use with pet toothpaste
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Colours may vary from that displayed in the image


  • Small – up to 27kg
  • Large – over 27kg


  • Small – 17cm height x 2.5cm length x 2cm width (brush width 1cm)
  • Large – 17.5cm height x 2.5cm length x 2cm width(brush width 1.5cm)

Directions for use

  • Squeeze toothpaste onto the brush bristles
  • Gently brush your pet’s teeth in a circular motion, massaging up to the gum line
  • For best results, brush your pet’s teeth at least 3 times per week 
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