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Tetra BettaSafe Starter Kit Aquarium Tank Water Conditioner And Food For Fish
  • Tetra BettaSafe Starter Kit Aquarium Tank Water Conditioner And Food For Fish

Tetra BettaSafe Starter Kit Aquarium Tank Water Conditioner And Food For Fish



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Tetra BettaSafe Starter Kit Easy To Use 8 Fizz Tablets Is An All In One Food And Water Care Solution

Includes TetraBetta Mini Pellets Food and Easy To Use Fizz Tab Water Conditioner

  • Betta Starter Kit for all Betta Aquariums
  • An all-in-one food and water care solution
  • Includes easy to use fizz tablets which make caring for your Betta’s bowl faster, easier and more convenient
  • The tablets are fast dissolving and premeasured 
  • The tablets remove chlorine, chloramines, ammonia, and heavy metals, and promote your Betta’s protective slime coat
  • Use the tablets weekly during routine water changes to keep your fish bowl clean and healthy
  • Includes 8 tablets in pack and suit Betta bowls up to 2 gallons

TetraBetta Mini Pellets

  • A diet based on the nutritional needs of an insect eater like the Betta
  • Specially formulated and nutritionally balanced, colour-enhancing ideal staple diet for Siamese fighting fish (Betta Splendens)
  • Small, highly palatable, floating pellets
  • Perfect in size for the betta's mouth and digestion, the pellets have rough edges which provide aid in digestion of food for the Betta
  • High in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Includes patented health-enhancing ProCare - Tetra scientifically verified that fish are healthier and more resistant to disease when administered Beta-Glucan – ProCare is a proprietary mix of vitamins, biotin and minerals for increased fertility and growth rates, and fish oil based Omega 3 fatty acids for optimized growth and less waste
  • Nutritionally balanced for optimal health 
  • The pellets do not cloud water when fed as directed


  • Keep out of reach of children
  • For fishbowl and aquarium use only
  • Safe for Bettas and plants
  • Not for use on food fish

Feeding Guide

  • Feed 1-3 pellets 2-3 times daily

Directions for use

Fizz Tab Directions

  • Use one tablet to condition water in fishbowls up to 2 gallons (safe to use in any size bowl 2 gallons or smaller)
  • For soft water and/or acid water with low alkalinity, dissolve tablets before adding to Betta bowl or environment
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