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Tetra Betta Ring Aquarium Tank White With LED Light For Fish 1.8L
  • Tetra Betta Ring Aquarium Tank White With LED Light For Fish 1.8L

Tetra Betta Ring Aquarium Tank White With LED Light For Fish 1.8L



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Tetra Betta Ring White LED Aquarium Fish Tank Is A Modern Stylish Fish Tank That You Can Admire Anywhere
  • Attractive, modern aquarium for your Betta fish
  • This tank is the best way to show off the beauty of your Betta Splendens (Siamese Fighting Fish)
  • This portable tank can be admired anywhere such as on your desk at work, on your coffee table at home, or even in the bedroom
  • Betta are capable of living in small aquariums because they are not extremely active, and their specific breathing system allows them to live in low oxygen environments
  • High-quality, robust glass
  • Modern, stylish design
  • Efficient LED lighting with an On/Off button for easy use
  • Simple to set up and maintain
  • Contains 1.8L
  • Battery operated for extra safety
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries of 1.5V (batteries not included)


  • 22cm height
  • 20cm x 15cm width


  • Use high-quality food, such as Tetra Betta, to prevent water contamination
  • Offer your Betta a healthy, balanced diet
  • Run a partial water change each week
  • Use Tetra Betta AquaSafe for fish-friendly water and a healthy Betta
  • Only place one Betta Fish in each tank


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Yes, I recommend this product.

Great size, it is GLASS which is good rather than plastic. Great quality!


Yes, I recommend this product.

Very happy and looks great!


Yes, I recommend this product.

Came very fast, great quality and very excited about getting a beta fish

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