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SeaFlex Joint Function For Cats 100g
  • SeaFlex Joint Function For Cats 100g

SeaFlex Joint Function For Cats 100g

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Seaflex Joint Function For Cats Helps To Improve Joint Function And Enhance Skin And Coat Health While Also Supporting The Immune System With Essential Vitamins And Minerals

Combines cell supportive nutrients and antioxidants to aid joint mobility, help maintain healthy skin and coat, and support immune response

Each chew contains: Sea Chondroitin 45mg, Fish Oil 5mg, Kelp 2.5mg, Catnip 2.5mg, Taurine 410ug, Calcium 345ug, Zinc 30ug, Vitamin D 0.5ug, Vitamin A 8ug, Vitamin C 117ug and Vitamin E 2.5mg.

  • Bio-marine nutraceutical formulation based on over 10 years of scientific research and development
  • Superior processing technology maximises the nutritional value, potency, and efficacy of the chews


  • healthy cell function
  • strong joints
  • skin and connective tissues
  • efficient metabolism
  • balanced immune function

Rich Source Of:

  • antioxidants
  • marine carotenoids
  • amino acids
  • marine trace minerals
  • branch chain fatty acids
  • high levels of vitamins and minerals


  • Unique patented deep, cold water source of marine nutrients
  • Added Taurine for heart health and vision
  • All-natural with no artificial flavours or preservatives
  • Made with select quality meats and human grade ingredients
  • Cats love them - soft, easy to chew and extremely palatable!
  • 100g pack contains approximately 200 chews


Poultry meat, kangaroo meat, tapioca starch, potato starch, sea cucumber (cucumaria frondosa), vegetable glycerine, chicken liver, sorbitol, fish oil, salt, sugar, chitin derivative, potassium sorbate, sodium bisulphate, kelp, catnip, tocopherol, vitamin E, choline, taurine, calcium, vitamin C, niacin, iron, zinc, vitamins B5, B1, B2, A and B6, copper, manganese, folic acid, vitamin D, biotin, selenium, vitamin K3, iodine, vitamin B12

Feeding Guide

4-6 kg bodyweight – 6 chews daily

Can be added to food or given as a treat

Note: Ensure the complete dose is consumed daily to achieve the best results

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