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Rapigel Muscle And Joint Gel For Dogs And Horses 250g
  • Rapigel Muscle And Joint Gel For Dogs And Horses 250g

Rapigel Muscle And Joint Gel For Dogs And Horses 250g



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Rapigel Muscle And Joint Relieving Gel Is Highly Effective For Relieving Muscle And Joint Pain
  • Muscle and joint relieving gel
  • Ideal for pets with joint inflammation or muscle pain, particularly dogs and horses
  • Aids in reducing inflammation and swelling in joints and tendons
  • Relieves muscle soreness due to over-exertion, fatigue or bruising
  • The gel works rapidly to reach the source of pain so that your pet can start feeling better as soon as possible
  • Contains an analgesic effect to provide relief from joint and muscle soreness. Also provides a "counter irritant" and "cooling effect" to improve circulation
  • Soothes muscle constraint and relaxes muscle spasm and muscle fibres
  • The gel based cream has a minty aroma
  • 100% nontoxic and safe to use
  • Works rapidly to reach the source of pain
  • Combines menthol, camphor and isopropyl alcohol to lower pain efficiently
  • Extremely beneficial for pets undergoing training as it assists in warmup and preventing injuries
  • Great to use as an aid in recovery from hard exercise during training and racing
  • Easy to apply


  • If pain or swelling persists, seek the advice of a veterinarian
  • Does not need to be used with other products to alleviate muscle and joint soreness. It is very effective on its own and can be used on an ongoing basis
  • This product may contain ingredients that contravene the prohibited substances regulations in racing and competition jurisdictions
  • Users are strongly encouraged to check with the respective authority and their veterinarian prior to the use of any medication
  • Avoid any contact with eyes or mucous membranes
  • Do not apply to broken skin

Active Constituents

  • Isopropyl Alcohol 350 mg/g, Menthol 20 mg/g, Camphor 6.25 mg/g

Directions for use

  • Use at full strength and apply liberally to the affected area
  • Rub in gently both prior to and after exercise workout
  • Requires no mixing or application device
  • It will not disperse from the areas where it is needed and will leave no sticky or hard to remove residue
  • Ideal to combine with massage for a more intense effect to promote more rapid healing. Muscles will particularly benefit from massage due to the relaxation of muscle spasms and muscle fibres
  • The gel can safely be applied under wet or dry bandages to intensify and promote a more marked effect. This is particularly helpful to promote tendon repair, as it will both intensify the effects and provide support to the delicate tendon structures
  • Isopropyl alcohol in the gel is often used as a cleaner or disinfectant in medical situations. This assists in the removal of product or bandage residue, such as that left by adhesive bandages used for support on race days
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Jodie - Queensland

Yes, I recommend this product.

Great for the humans Highly recommend


Yes, I recommend this product.

Better than deep heat! đŸ˜‚


Yes, I recommend this product.

Thus is an excellent product!!


Yes, I recommend this product.

This works great. Mobility is increased and pain lessened using Rapigel


Yes, I recommend this product.

Great product and customer service will deffinetly use budget pet products from now on

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