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Purina Petlife Anxiety Wrap Coat XXSmall 26-32cm Size 1 For Dogs
  • Purina Petlife Anxiety Wrap Coat XXSmall 26-32cm Size 1 For Dogs

Purina Petlife Anxiety Wrap Coat XXSmall 26-32cm Size 1 For Dogs

Purina Petlife
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    • Size
    • XXSmall 26-32cm Size 1 - $29.00

      Purina Petlife Anxiety Wrap Coat XXSmall 26-32cm Size 1 For Dogs

      29.00 $
    • Medium 42-54cm Size 4 - $35.48

      Purina Petlife Anxiety Wrap Coat Medium 42-54cm Size 4 For Dogs

      35.48 $

Purina Petlife Anxiety Wrap Coat For Dogs is the Perfect Way to Calm Your Dog's Anxiety and Fear
  • Calms your dog’s anxiety and fear
  • Unique calming straps provide instant results to improve your dog’s behaviour
  • Great to use for your dog’s fear of people, loud noises, strangers and other dogs, fireworks, thunder storms, travelling in the car, separation or fear when left alone.
  • Also assists with constant barking, jumping up, hyperactivity, and anxiety
  • Breathable, comfortable, non-restrictive thin fabric.
  • Used by thousands of veterinarians, trainers and dog owners
  • The simple technique of maintained pressure has been scientifically proven to calm animals in the same way as cuddling a distressed infant also relieves their fears
  • The key feature of the anxiety wrap and which is not found in other behavioural garment products for dogs, is that its stretched elasticated material delivers sustained pressure to key acupressure points on the dog’s body, which in turn builds up their confidence
  • The result is that you will have a dog who can better cope with stress, resolve irrational or excessive fears and bring peace to their troubled mind.
  • The Purina Anxiety Wrap is the only wrap that activates key acupressure points
  • The continuous flexibility allows your dog to run, jump, swim and play with ease
  • Patented Calming Straps relieve stress, anxiety or fear often triggered from the hindquarters
  • Fabric is light and comfortable with soft fleece on the inside
  • Colour: Black with white stitching

Sizing (Chest size)

Choosing the correct size is important because the Purina Anxiety Wrap works by applying gentle pressure on the dog’s body. Measure your dog’s chest circumference and select the correct size from the size chart.

  • XXS- 26-32cm
  • XS- 30-42cm
  • S- 36-48cm
  • M- 42-54cm
  • L- 50-66cm
  • XL- 64-88cm
  • XXL- 82-100cm


  • The fabric is uniquely blended specifically for best results
  • It is extremely comfortable and breathable. However, your pet doesn’t stay cool the way humans do. If worn in hot weather or conditions where your dog may overheat, wet the anxiety wrap and keep it damp to help your pet stay cool.
  • Only for use of animals
  • It is not a toy and should be kept away from small children 

Instructions on how to use

Applying the anxiety wrap

  • Gather the anxiety wrap front-to-rear (end to end). Note, white logo sits above the dog’s rump.
  • Wrap chest flap around the front of the dog and affix to Velcro
  • Wrap belly flap around girth of the dog, ensuring gentle pressure is applied
  • If calming straps were removed, reattach to elasticated links in the rear
  • Ensure gentle pressure is applied in al areas and adjust if necessary

Applying the calming straps:

  • Thread one end of a calming strap through the elastic loop on top of the anxiety wrap and attach it to itself.
  • Hold the other end of the calming strap, go under the legs and affix to its corresponding pop stud.
  • Do the same thing on the other side of the dog’s hindquarters.
  • You don’t need to pick up the dog’s hind legs to apply the calming straps.
  • The dog’s tail should be in the middle and free to move. Complete elimination is possible for both genders.

Care instructions

  • Machine wash delicate cycle or hand-wash in cold water and air dry

Introducing your dog to the anxiety wrap

  • You only need one introductory session
  • Start by using the anxiety wrap during a stress-free period in a stress-free environment
  • Refrain from interaction: no talking, no patting, and make no direct eye contact.
  • Failure to do so may cause the dog’s adrenaline to increase and override the anxiety wrap’s effectiveness.
  • Do not let the pet bite and pull at the wrap
  • Remove the wrap after 20-40mins.
  • Most dogs relax on their first wearing. If not, use multiple wearings, each for only a few minutes, until the dog does relax.
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