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PETKIT Fresh Smart Antibacterial Digital Scale Pet Bowl Milk Cow For Dogs And Cats
  • PETKIT Fresh Smart Antibacterial Digital Scale Pet Bowl Milk Cow For Dogs And Cats

PETKIT Fresh Smart Antibacterial Digital Scale Pet Bowl Milk Cow For Dogs And Cats



17% Off RRP - Accurately Weighs The Amount Of Food & Provides Recommendations On Feed Amounts Via The PETkit App - While Stocks Last
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    • Colour
    • Milk Cow - $49.95

      PETKIT Fresh Smart Antibacterial Digital Scale Pet Bowl Milk Cow For Dogs And Cats

      49.95 $
    • Mondrian - $49.95

      PETKIT Fresh Smart Antibacterial Digital Scale Pet Bowl Mondrian For Dogs And Cats

      49.95 $

PETKIT Fresh Smart Antibacterial Digital Scale Pet Bowl Accurately Weighs Food So You Can Feed Your Pet Correctly
  • The times are changing and this new technologically advanced smart bowl triumphs over all!
  • This bowl is a design award winner and has been certified by numerous international institutions, such as the FDA
  • Not only is the bowl durable and hygienic, it can also accurately weigh the amount of food you place in the bowl for your pet’s meal
  • Via the PETKIT App it provides beneficial recommendations on the amount of food you should feed your pet
  • Through the App you will be provided with customised daily feeding instructions – suggested feeding is based on your pet’s weight, age and breed
  • The specific feeding instructions will make your pet healthier and happier
  • The PETKIT Activity Tracker is an additional benefit of the PETKIT App which can be used to track calorie consumption with calories burned, so you can accurately adjust the amount of food your pet needs
  • The weight of the food is displayed on a clear, rectangular 4-digit LCD screen – conveniently angled for you to easily read the data
  • The measured weight can be displayed in 4 different units - g/lb/oz/ml
  • Made from Antibacterial ‘BioCleanAct’ material which effectively prevents bacteria (such as e-coli) from growing on the bowl, reducing the chance of food contamination that can cause illness and diarrhoea
  • Functional and elegant bowl design with attractive colours, smooth surfaces and square shape
  • Anti-skid base to prevent spillages and keep the bowl firmly in place
  • Water resistant – handwash only
  • Includes scuppers at the bottom of the device which allows water to drain out properly and dry quickly
  • Holds up to 450ml and 300g of food
  • Made of ABS polymer plastic with ‘BioCleanAct’ antibacterial material
  • Battery operated – bowl includes 2 x AAA Alkaline batteries (1.5V)
  • No power or charging required  
  • Includes a screw driver for battery screw fastening
  • Ideal for small-medium dogs and cats


  • 18cm x 18cm Diameter
  • 6cm Height


Directions for use

  • Before the device is turned on, use the screwdriver to unscrew the screws on the battery box, then place the AAA batteries in and screw tightly to prevent any water from seeping inside
  • Press the button on the side of the device to start or launch (the number will be automatically calibrated to 0). The device will shut down itself if the number continues to remain at 0 for over 1 minute
  • Unit conversion – press the side button steadily for 3 seconds to convert the unit (lb/g)
  • App Download – scan the QR code to download “PetKIT” App for IOS and Android devices, and crate your pet’s profile to experience

General Information

  • Press the button to start the device first, then pour your choice of food inside. If the order is converse, the number will be at 0 and you can use this method to calibrate the number. By default, your pet’s food is calculated in grams, to change the weight of food calculation simply hold down the same button for 3 seconds
  • This bowl is made from composite materials which consist of anti-bacterial agents. Therefore, it is always recommended to thoroughly wash the device and store in a clean and dry environment
  • If the battery signal is flashing on the LCD screen of the device, that indicates the batteries are running out of electricity and need to be replaced
  • If the LCD screen shows EEEE, that means it is out of the weighing boundary. If is shows ----, that means the calculation in weight is below 0 and the bowl isn’t properly aligned with the surface. Make sure the bowl is on a balanced surface and re-press to remove that error
  • The floor anti-skid mats feature built-in sensors and sensitive components, therefore place down gently and make sure the bowl is not placed on any high above ground surfaces
  • Do not place this device in the refrigerator or a heating environment. It is recommended to use this device in temperature settings between 0-50 degree Celsius
  • Alkaline batteries are recommended for optimal use however, this device accepts any and all AAA batteries. It is recommended not to mix battery brands or use older batteries with newer batteries
  • If any children use this device, make sure they use it properly and avoid any damage such as falling
  • When placing batteries inside the device make sure to screw in tightly to prevent any water damage located at the bottom of the device
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bundie loves his new bowl


Yes, I recommend this product.

Very useful for Raw feeding


Yes, I recommend this product.

Brilliant for measuring out puppy food and raw food

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