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Perfect Coat Professional Deshedder Comb Brush Large For Dogs
  • Perfect Coat Professional Deshedder Comb Brush Large For Dogs
  • Perfect Coat Professional Deshedder Comb Brush Large For Dogs

Perfect Coat Professional Deshedder Comb Brush Large For Dogs

Perfect Coat


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      Perfect Coat Professional Deshedder Comb Brush Small For Dogs And Cats

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      Perfect Coat Professional Deshedder Comb Brush Medium For Dogs

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      Perfect Coat Professional Deshedder Comb Brush Large For Dogs

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Perfect Coat Professional Deshedder For Dogs Is A Highly Effective Device Which Removes Loose Pet Hair And Creates A Cleaner Home Environment

Are you exhausted from constantly cleaning up loose pet hair around your home? Your home can soon be fur-free thanks to this highly effective deshedder!

  • Designed to reduce shedding, mats and detangle knots
  • Suits pet coats of all different lengths including dogs, cats and other pets with an undercoat
  • Cleans coat by removing dirt and debris
  • Gently removes loose fur from the undercoat before your pet has the chance to shed, leaving the topcoat untouched
  • Reduces hair on your floors, furniture and clothes, making your home a more hygienic environment 
  • Has been shown to decrease shedding by up to 90%
  • The ergonomic, soft-grip handle provides superior comfort and control
  • The stainless-steel edge helps to remove more loose fur than regular brushes, rakes or combs
  • The tool is safe and gentle on the skin and topcoat
  • Grooming your pet’s coat releases natural oils in the hair which creates a healthy, shiny coat
  • Provides an opportunity for you to bond with your pet and develop a stronger relationship
  • Easy to use - Simply move the tool over your pet’s coat and the hair will come away easily
  • Perfect for dogs and cats, regardless of size, breed or coat length
  • Great for multi-pet homes
  • Approved and recommended by grooming professionals


  • Total: 14.5cm length x 11cm width
  • Handle: 11cm x 3cm
  • Stainless Steel Edge: 10cm length x 1.3cm width
  • Teeth – 0.5cm length, spread 1mm apart


  • The tool may be used on most animals that shed, including dogs, cats and other pets with an undercoat
  • The tool should not be used on non-shedding breeds or on pets with particularly sensitive skin
  • For best results, use the tool 1-2 times a week for 10-20 minutes each session, though the actual time will vary depending on your pet’s breed, the condition of its coat, and the thickness of the pet’s individual coat
  • It may be necessary to use the tool more frequently during heavy shedding seasons
  • The tool will remove large amounts of loose hair and undercoat, so a location that is easy to clean, such as a tile floor indoors or an outdoor area, makes clean-up more convenient
  • Always choose a location to groom where your pet feels comfortable and safe
  • Brush your pet before using the tool to remove any mats or tangles - using the tool on matted or tangled fur can bend or break the teeth, as well as feel uncomfortable for the pet
  • The deshedding edge can be cleaned with warm water and a mild soap if necessary – cleaning can reduce the feeling of a dull edge by reducing the dander collection on the teeth of the edge. Dry the tool before storing

Directions for use

  • For best results, your pet’s coat should be clean and completely dry
  • Before using the brush, perform an inspection of your pet and look for sores, bruises and skin conditions that may be hidden by the pet’s coat - seek the advice of your veterinarian if you are concerned
  • Move the brush in the direction of the hair growth, starting at the neck and working to the back of the pet, using gentle strokes
  • Be careful around the stomach and private parts
  • Avoid excessive strokes in one area and check the skin often
  • If you notice redness or irritation, discontinue use for the grooming session
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Emmalyn - Queensland

Yes, I recommend this product.

This comb is amazing! Gets the undercoat out and keeps the top coat silky smooth! Highly recommend


Yes, I recommend this product.

Works wonders with my lab


Yes, I recommend this product.

Really good for getting the hair most brushes miss. Just wish it was bigger đŸ˜‚


Yes, I recommend this product.

Works well.


Yes, I recommend this product.

The best grooming product around. I have a kelpie cross border collie and it keeps his coat looking nice

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