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Kazoo Wooden Play Tower With Sisal Rope And Beads Large Toy For Birds
  • Kazoo Wooden Play Tower With Sisal Rope And Beads Large Toy For Birds

Kazoo Wooden Play Tower With Sisal Rope And Beads Large Toy For Birds

Keep Your Bird Entertained With Interactive Toys Made With Durable Materials & Bright Colours - While Stocks Last
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Kazoo Wooden Play Tower With Sisal And Beads Toy For Birds Will Bring Out Your Pets Playful Nature

Your bird will have the time of its life with this amusing hanging toy featuring a diverse range of shapes, textures and playtime opportunities

  • The dangly toy is built using a range of interesting shapes and materials that your bird will love nibbling and playing with all day long
  • The toy features a stack of wooden hollow tubes and fun beads attached to a long metal chain to create unpredictable dangly movement and a crazy playtime extravaganza
  • Features numerous frayed rope segments in the corners and down the middle of the tower that will attract your bird to explore and play  
  • The bright colours will add spark to your little friend’s cage
  • The toy dangles from a strong metal carabiner for easy cage instalment 
  • Your bird will enjoy the range of textures and erratic movement of the dangly toy
  • Creatively crafted by hand using a variety of natural materials
  • Completely safe to nibble on
  • Encourages exploration, interaction, preening, and chewing
  • Keeps your bird physically active and mentally stimulated
  • Discourages unacceptable biting, chewing and destruction
  • Provides an acceptable outlet for the naturally driven chewing and climbing behaviour of birds
  • Allows your bird to practice the natural skill of holding, grasping and manipulating toys with its feet
  • Encourages beak maintenance
  • Improves your bird’s quality of life
  • Easy to install in your bird’s cage
  • Simply unscrew the carabiner (turn left to loosen), clip onto the top of your bird’s cage, and re-tighten the carabiner (turn right to tighten)


  • Height: Total including chain 28cm, toy 16 cm
  • Length: 8cm
  • Width: 8cm 


  • Always ensure your bird has easy access to fresh drinking water
  • Keep an eye on your bird during playtime
  • If there are signs of excessive wear or damage, replace the toy
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