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Kazoo Stainless Steel Grooming Scissors For Dogs
  • Kazoo Stainless Steel Grooming Scissors For Dogs

Kazoo Stainless Steel Grooming Scissors For Dogs



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Kazoo Stainless Steel Grooming Scissors For Dogs Is A Great Grooming Tool To Keep Your Best Looking Their Best
  • These precise scissors are great for trimming and styling your dog’s coat
  • Dog coats vary and sometimes require a particular style to maintain the true look of the breed
  • Regular grooming provides bonding time with your dog and develops a stronger relationship together
  • Offers a smooth, precise cut
  • Made of high tensile stainless steel to create a sharp edge
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • 19.5cm x 6.2cm x 0.5cm

Directions for use

  • It is recommended to restrain your dog during trimming
  • Take care when trimming around eyes, ears and paws to prevent injury
  • Reward your dog during the grooming session so that your dog associates grooming with positivity
  • Do not excessively pull on your dog’s coat as this may cause anxiety and pain 


  • Take care with the sharp blade edge
  • Take care when trimming around sensitive areas to avoid injury
  • Clean and oil the blades after each use to maintain their longevity
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Yes, I recommend this product.

great for grooming a wriggly doggo. safe but sharp enough

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