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Kazoo Grooming Mitt Glove For Dogs
  • Kazoo Grooming Mitt Glove For Dogs

Kazoo Grooming Mitt Glove For Dogs



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Kazoo Green And Grey Grooming Glove For Dogs Is A Great Grooming Tool To Keep Your Bud Looking Their Best
  • The ultimate dog grooming glove designed specially for washing and hair removal
  • Simply stroke your dog’s coat and the rubber nodes aid in removing debris and trap loose hair
  • Gives your dog a relaxing massage due to the unique, soft rubber nodules
  • Eradicates loose hair and debris
  • Follows the contour of your dog’s body shape
  • Great for washing and general grooming
  • The top of the glove is made of soft mesh material
  • The base of the glove is made of high quality rubber with soft nodules
  • The glove has a velcro seal at the wrist to ensure it remains fastened during use
  • The glove prevents your hands from picking up unhealthy deposits around sensitive areas
  • Grooming your dog’s coat releases natural oils in the hair which creates a healthy, shiny coat
  • Grooming your dog provides an opportunity for you to bond with each other and develop a stronger relationship
  • Designed for efficiency and comfort
  • Stylish design with attractive colours


  • 21cm x 18cm x 1.5cm

Directions for use

  • Gently stroke your dog’s coat to remove debris and loose hair
  • Before bath time, use the glove to remove shedding hair and lather the coat with shampoo and conditioner
  • Massage the shampoo thoroughly into the coat and rinse with warm water
  • Apply conditioner and comb out any knots and tangles
  • Dry with a clean towel or blow dryer
  • Reward your dog throughout the grooming session so that your dog associates grooming with positivity
  • Take care when cleaning around eyes and face
  • Regular grooming decreases the number of knots and tangles



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Yes, I recommend this product.

Makes washing my dog easier


Yes, I recommend this product.



Yes, I recommend this product.

So good at scrubbing the dirt but not harshly


Yes, I recommend this product.

Works well. Main nodules could be close together like the thumb ones for better efficiency.

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