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Kazoo Cat Scratching Post Cream Medium With Ball Toy For Cats
  • Kazoo Cat Scratching Post Cream Medium With Ball Toy For Cats

Kazoo Cat Scratching Post Cream Medium With Ball Toy For Cats



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    • Colour
    • Charcoal & Grey - $49.95

      Kazoo Cat Scratching Post Charcoal & Grey Medium With Ball Toy For Cats

      49.95 $
    • Cream - $49.95

      Kazoo Cat Scratching Post Cream Medium With Ball Toy For Cats

      49.95 $

Kazoo Cat Scratcher Cream Medium Is A Fun Way For Your Cat To Remain Mentally And Physically Stimulated

Perfect for introducing and training kittens to use indoor cat towers and scratching posts

  • Satisfies a cat’s natural instinct to pounce, scratch, bat, and chase
  • Provides your cat with its own mini play centre for mental and physical stimulation
  • A safe scratching behaviour outlet for your cat – and saves your furniture, curtains, carpets and other valuables from scratching damage
  • Contains a dangly rope hanging from the top of the scratcher for your cat to enjoy batting about
  • Reduces destructive behaviour in the home
  • The base and top of the scratcher is covered in luxurious plush fleece material
  • The scratching post is wrapped in natural sisal, perfect for scratching
  • The stylish design will look great in the home
  • Cats love a range of textures; therefore, this scratcher will be irresistible for never-ending play!
  • Training your cat from an early age to use cat scratching posts, will assist in preventing unwanted damage to your home
  • Can be misted with cat nip spray for even more play excitement
  • Simple assembly required
  • Can be disassembled for easier storage

For Indoor Cats

  • Helps to keep your cat calm and relaxed, by providing a safe and controlled outlet for scratching, batting and pouncing – essential, natural behaviours your cat needs
  • Encourages your cat to exercise, provide stimulation through play and exploration, and help to reduce inactivity and boredom


  • Small - 300 x 300 x 440mm
  • Medium - 400 x 400 x 740mm
  • Large - 560 x 560 x 1120mm


  • Suitable for cats of all ages and activity levels
  • Supervise your pet while they play with the scratcher
  • Inspect the toy frequently for any damage
  • Cease using the toy and replace the toy if it is damaged
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Yes, I recommend this product.

Took a while for my cat to get used to this but now he uses it everyday. Nice colour and design! He also has the small one which he loves even though he's not a kitten anymore


Yes, I recommend this product.

Great quality! Definitely recommend it.

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