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Kazoo Aquarium Divers Helmet With Air Flow Large Ornament For Fish Tank
  • Kazoo Aquarium Divers Helmet With Air Flow Large Ornament For Fish Tank

Kazoo Aquarium Divers Helmet With Air Flow Large Ornament For Fish Tank

Add Colour And Interest To Your Tank - While Stocks Last
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    • Size
    • Medium - $25.44

      Kazoo Aquarium Divers Helmet With Air Flow Medium Ornament For Fish Tank

      25.44 $
    • Large - $42.95

      Kazoo Aquarium Divers Helmet With Air Flow Large Ornament For Fish Tank

      42.95 $

Kazoo Aquarium Divers Helmet With Air Large Ornament For Fish Tank Is A Fun Way To Add Some Life To Your Underwater World
  • Decorate your fishy friend’s aquarium with this incredibly life-like ornament
  • The unique decoration is a quick and easy way to add colour and excitement to your tank
  • The Divers Helmet has a vision portal, and other holes ranging in size, to allow water to circulate and increase the oxygen level in your aquarium
  • The rear of the dilapidated helmet has a thin tube that can be connected to an air pump so that bubbles travel through the helmet
  • Individually handcrafted with unmatched detail for a realistic look of an old rusty helmet with screws and bolts, plus starfish, coral, barnacles and moss growing over the surface
  • The ornament is made of polyresin material
  • Polyresin is a sturdy compound which is great for creating statues and figurines as it holds paint well, does not fade, and allows a great level of detail with consistent texture
  • The decaying helmet is carefully painted with precise detail for an extremely authentic look, significantly enhancing the beauty of your aquarium
  • The ornament will satisfy your fish’s natural instincts to swim around obstacles or to hide and seek shelter
  • The colours, texture and overall design is incredibly lifelike, and your fishy friend will feel like he is out in the ocean, enjoying the features of his natural habitat
  • The helmet is weighted and sturdy to ensure it remains firmly in place in your tank
  • Purchasing a combination of aquarium decorations allows you to create your own unique landscape in your underwater world
  • Ornaments are a quick, easy and no-fuss method of decorating your tank without any mess or regular maintenance
  • Non-toxic and safe for fish
  • Suitable for fresh or saltwater


  • Medium: 17cm height x 13cm length x 13cm width
  • Large: 23.5cm height x 17cm length x 20cm width
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