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Jungle Talk Lots Of Legs Small-Medium Toy For Birds
  • Jungle Talk Lots Of Legs Small-Medium Toy For Birds
  • Jungle Talk Lots Of Legs Small-Medium Toy For Birds

Jungle Talk Lots Of Legs Small-Medium Toy For Birds

Jungle Talk


Interactive Toys To Keep Your Bird Busy - While Stocks Last
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    • Size
    • Small-Medium - $11.95

      Jungle Talk Lots Of Legs Small-Medium Toy For Birds

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      Jungle Talk Lots Of Legs Activity Toy For Large Birds

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Jungle Talk Lots Of Legs Toy For Birds Is A Fun Way To Keep Your Bird Mentally And Physically Active And Entertained All Day Long
  • The centre piece features a colourful wooden duck, bear, or flower character which adds a spark of excitement to play
  • The timber is fruit-flavoured to act as a delicious attraction for your bird
  • There are five, irresistible dangly ropes which are threaded through the holes of the character's belly
  • The ropes can be pulled and tugged, erratically changing the length of the ropes on each side of the duck
  • The ropes attach to a range of stimulating, bright and colourful shapes and beads that dangle and spin erratically for endless entertainment
  • The ropes are knotted at the ends and have fun frayed edges
  • The fun shapes are made of durable plastic materials
  • Your bird will enjoy the wide range of textures and unpredictable movement of the dangly toy
  • The wooden character is attached to a long, metal dangly chain which attaches to your bird’s cage
  • Easily attaches to the cage using the strong and safe carabiner
  • Encourages exploration, interaction, preening, and chewing
  • Keeps your bird physically active and mentally stimulated
  • Discourages unacceptable biting, chewing and destruction
  • Provides an acceptable outlet for the naturally driven chewing and climbing behaviour of birds
  • Allows your bird to practice the natural skill of holding, grasping and manipulating toys with its feet
  • Encourages beak maintenance
  • Improves your bird’s quality of life
  • Easy to install in your bird’s cage
  • Simply unscrew the carabiner (turn left to loosen), clip onto the top of your bird’s cage, and re-tighten the carabiner (turn right to tighten)
  • We will surprise you with your character to add to the fun!!

Dimensions (approx)

  • Total: 31cm height x 12cm length x 8cm width
  • Wooden Character: 9cm height x 8.5cm length x 1cm width
  • Ropes: Total length 20cm x 0.5cm width
  • Shapes: 2.5 – 3.5cm diameter
  • Beads: 1.3cm diameter
  • Metal chain: 12cm height x 0.5cm width


  • Made with food grade colouring and flavour
  • Equipped with stainless steel quick links lock
  • Intended for pet use only


Directions for Use

  • Attach the toy to the side or roof of the cage using the stainless-steel quick links lock
  • Show your bird how to use the toy by playing with the toy
  • Rotate different toys in and out of the cage on a regular basis – a variety of toys keeps the bird stimulated, curious and satisfies a range of behavioural needs 
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Tara - Queensland

Yes, I recommend this product.


Yes, I recommend this product.

My rats absolutely love this toy in their cage They crawl in and around and all through it

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