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I'm Gismo Advanced Lead Handle And Accessory Kit
  • I'm Gismo Advanced Lead Handle And Accessory Kit

I'm Gismo Advanced Lead Handle And Accessory Kit

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I'm Gismo Advanced Lead Handle And Accessories Kit Is A Fantastic Combination Of Products To Add More Excitement To Your Adventures With Your Canine Friend

Take walkies to the NEXT LEVEL with this incredible tethering kit!

Pack contains:

  • I'm Gismo Starter Kit With Lead Handle And Poop Bag Dispenser
  • I'm Gismo Dual Lead Holder For Two Dogs
  • I'm Gismo Flashlight Connectable           

I'm Gismo Starter Kit With Lead Handle And Poop Bag Dispenser            

A highly advanced, ground-breaking tethering device that allows you to hold your dog’s lead and a range of innovative connectable accessories in just one hand!

  • All-in-one ergonomic design holds any dog lead and is adaptable for every dog and lifestyle need
  • Allows you to walk your dog with ease and comfort
  • Lightweight and easy to carry, making long walks a pleasant experience
  • The soft grip eliminates hand soreness and chafing often experienced using normal leads
  • The innovative carabiner can hold dogs weighing up to 48.5kg
  • You can replace the standard carabiner with the dual leash carabiner (available for separate purchase) which allows you to walk two dogs in one hand
  • It is recommended to use leads 1 metre in length or shorter
  • The efficient sliding and pivoting carabiner reduces the strain from your dog’s hasty movements
  • The patented rail sliding system allows the carabiner to slide across the rail which reduces lead tugging
  • Includes a rubber lock to secure the carabiner’s movement
  • Includes a poop bag dispenser which connects to the handle - holds one standard poop bag roll
  • Tearing a poop bag is simple with the advanced pull and tear design
  • The poop bag includes a convenient carry clip to help you carry a used poop bag
  • The multi-function button allows you to pair the device with one of the connectable accessories

I'm Gismo Dual Lead Holder For Two Dogs

This innovative, handy device allows you to walk freely with two dogs using only one hand!

  • Simply connects to the Gismo Handle to keep all your walking tools in one place!
  • The double carabiner holds two individual leads to attach to two dogs weighing up to 38.5kg each
  • The uniquely designed carabiner system reduces lead tangling by rotating at three different points
  • The ergonomic rail sliding system on the Gismo handle allows the connecting carabiner to slide which reduces pulling and tugging
  • Makes walking two dogs a much easier, comfortable and pleasant experience 


  • Each carabiner is approx. 6.5cm length x 4cm width x 0.5cm thick
  • Total dimensions: 9cm length x 10cm width x 0.5cm thick

I'm Gismo Flashlight Connectable           

  • An innovative handy device designed for superior front and rear visibility and safety!
  • Easily connects to the Gismo Handle to keep all your walking must-haves in one device!
  • The perfect tool for walking in low-light conditions
  • The LED light is 2 x brighter than a standard cell phone flashlight
  • The flashlight is water-resistant when connected to the Gismo handle
  • Multi-function button turns on the light
  • A single push will turn the front and rear light on, a second push puts the light in blinking mode, and a third push will turn it off
  • Easy to recharge using a standard USB cord (included in pack) - no batteries required
  • The red light indicates that the device is charging
  • When the device is completely charged, the red light will turn off
  • Over 3 hours of battery life
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