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Houndhouse Heat Pad Green For Bed And Kennel 41 x 36cm With 1.5m Cable
  • Houndhouse Heat Pad Green For Bed And Kennel 41 x 36cm With 1.5m Cable
  • Houndhouse Heat Pad Green For Bed And Kennel 41 x 36cm With 1.5m Cable
  • Houndhouse Heat Pad Green For Bed And Kennel 41 x 36cm With 1.5m Cable
  • Houndhouse Heat Pad Green For Bed And Kennel 41 x 36cm With 1.5m Cable

Houndhouse Heat Pad Green For Bed And Kennel 41 x 36cm With 1.5m Cable

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Houndhouse Heat Pad For Bed And Kennel Is A Simple And Effective Way To Keep Your Pet Warm In The Cold Winter Months
  • This heat mat is perfect for keeping your pet warm and happy during winter
  • The heated mat is covered in heavy duty canvas which is very strong and durable
  • A corner of the mat has tie cords which can be used to attach the mat to your kennel
  • Your pet can self-regulate the warmth by moving on or off the heat mat – reduces risk of overheating – if the pet gets too warm, they simply move away
  • The heat pad is thermostatically controlled to regulate warmth from an ambient temperature to a top of 33-40 degrees celsius
  • The mat will heat up within approx. 5 min of switching on
  • The mat will feel slightly warm to touch – it then attains most of its heat when the pet is sleeping on it
  • Includes a separate plug in power transformer
  • The heat mat cord is plugged into the adaptor, and then the adaptor is plugged into the electrical outlet
  • A power cord approx. 30cm long – runs from mat to power pack – this cord is enclosed in a firm casing
  • The transformer has a 1.5m long cable, from the heating pad to the 12V power pack with an input of 110-240 volts standard electrics
  • Fits under your pet's mat or bedding
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth when switched off
  • Perfect for pets of all sizes


  • 41cm x 36cm


  • The Heat Pad can be tied in the corner of any bed/kennel, anywhere pet needs the warmth so that your pet can move around and regulate their temperature accordingly
  • The mat will take about 5 minutes to reach full temperature and will feel slightly warm to touch
  • This is completely normal and full temp will be reached whilst body warmth is on the pad
  • Cold flooring will absorb the warmth, ensure ample insulation from cold surfaces
  • Recommended for pets with diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, or hormonal imbalance - pets with these conditions may have a harder time regulating their body temperature and be more prone to issues from extreme low or high temperatures
  • The Heat Pad is also recommended for very young or elderly, arthritic pets - arthritic and elderly pets feel the cold substantially which makes it more difficult for them to walk and move around. Pets that suffer from arthritis or physical injury will receive comfort from a warm, heated surface. When an arthritic pet has warm joints, they should be able to move around more effectively


  • Ensure that your pet can not chew on the cord and keep all electrical leads/cords away from children and pets
  • The lead from the transformer to the pad is completely safe at 12V and won’t injure puppy or person if chewed by accident
  • Always dispose of damaged electrics
  • Pet owners assume all responsibility for their pet’s behaviour, supervision and safety

Houndhouse Heat Pad Video (Note packaging may differ)

Instructions for use

  • Simply place the Heat Pad in the corner of the bed/kennel
  • Use the tie down to keep it in place (optional)
  • Once you have chosen a place for it to site, plug the transformer into the nearest power outlet
  • Always set up the heat mat so the pet cannot access or chew the cord
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