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Hills Science Diet Kitten Food Plus Minx Litter For Cats
  • Hills Science Diet Kitten Food Plus Minx Litter For Cats

Hills Science Diet Kitten Food Plus Minx Litter For Cats

Hills Science Diet
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Hills Science Diet Kitten Food Plus Minx Cat Litter Is A Valuable Combination For Young Felines Providing Premium Nutrition For Optimal Health And Superior Quality Litter

Hills Kitten Food provides superior nutrition for growing felines as a complete and balanced diet. The delicious, high-quality formula is packed with quality, natural ingredients to nurture and support your kitten’s specific needs. Hills kitten food provides numerous health benefits including healthy brain and eye development, enhanced skin and coat health, building strong lean muscles, easy digestion, and immune system support.

Minx Litter is the purr-fect choice for the most sophisticated felines. The litter is made from only the finest, premium ingredients with advanced technological properties. The incredibly absorbent litter provides constant waste absorption for a whole month! The benefits don’t stop there, the litter also features a nice neutral scent, fast clumping action, low-tracking and low mess, gentle on paws, lightweight, natural, biodegradable and is easy to use. What are you waiting for!?


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