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Haypigs Wheek Wagon Hay Hopper For Small Animals
  • Haypigs Wheek Wagon Hay Hopper For Small Animals
  • Haypigs Wheek Wagon Hay Hopper For Small Animals

Haypigs Wheek Wagon Hay Hopper For Small Animals



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Haypigs Wheek Wagon Hay Hooper For Small Animals Is A Fun Way To Feed Your Little Friend
  • This fun and quirky circus themed wagon will have your little friend filled with excitement when they discover it's jammed packed of yummy hay!
  • Hay and grass make up 80-90% of a healthy small herbivore’s diet and they absolutely love it
  • This form of food is high in fibre and promotes healthy digestion
  • Keeps teeth trim and healthy
  • The wagon is easy to fill – simply lift off the top lid, fill the wagon with hay and place the lid back on
  • Designed to be filled with your pet’s favourite feeding hay
  • The wagon effectively keeps hay contained while being accessible through the little bars on both sides
  • The wagon is made of pet-friendly, non-toxic wood and is safe for your pet to nibble on
  • Coloured with pet-safe paint
  • The wagon rolls easily across the ground, adding extra excitement to mealtime
  • The wagon is very sturdy and cannot be knocked over easily
  • Your pet will not fit inside the wagon and the lid prevents pets from entering the toy for safety
  • Mentally and physically stimulates your pet with an engaging food challenge
  • Great for food control and preventing over-eating
  • Suitable for Guinea Pigs, Rabbits and Chinchillas


  • 20.5cm length x 20cm height x 11cm width


  • Before giving this product to your pet, please remove all packaging
  • Please supervise your pet while using this product
  • If the product should become damaged, please refrain from using it further
  • NEVER place your pets within the wagon, this product is not meant to be used as a carriage or play toy, but a feeder
  • ALWAYS use this product with the lid on to avoid accidents
  • This product is chewable and has been made from non-toxic materials, but your pet should be more interested in the contents of the wagon than the wagon itself!
  • To fill the wagon, remove the lid and pack generously with hay
  • It is recommended that you replace the hay daily to keep it fresh
  • Always replace the lid before giving it to your pet
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Yes, I recommend this product.

My guinea pigs love their hay in the Wheek wagon. its very well made. And i think it is a great tool to help piggies work for their hay. Its a really cool enrichment hay hopper.

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