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GiGwi PetDroid Automatic Food And Treat Dispenser Feeder For Cats And Dogs (8002)
  • GiGwi PetDroid Automatic Food And Treat Dispenser Feeder For Cats And Dogs (8002)

GiGwi PetDroid Automatic Food And Treat Dispenser Feeder For Cats And Dogs (8002)



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GiGwi PetDroid Automatic Food And Treats Dispenser Feeder For Cats And Dogs (8002)

Keep your pet fed and happy – even when you are not home!

  • Programmable automatic meal and treat dispenser
  • Suitable for cats and dogs
  • Especially helpful when trying to control meals and portions for overweight pets, or pets with medical conditions that require regulated feeding
  • Gives you the flexibility to miss a mealtime without causing any problems to your pet
  • Suitable for both dry and wet foods, as well as treats
  • Compact and simple design
  • Large LCD display screen
  • Comes with set up and programming instructions
  • Easy to clean
  • Sound notification 
  • The bowl section can be separated from the top programming unit for cleaning – the bowl can be washed in mild washing liquid, rinsed and completely dried before being put back together with the top programmable section
  • The top programmed section is simply wiped over with a cloth – it is not submersible


  • The feeder has 6 separate compartments with each compartment holding up to 1 cup/240ml of food
  • A meal can include 1 – 3 cups of food, meals over 1 cup volume are spread across 2 or more compartments with a short time delay between each compartment opening
  • Feeding amount and frequency can be individually adjusted
  • 1 day with 3 meals
  • 3 days with 2 meals each
  • 6 days with 1 meal each


  • Uses 4 x C size cell batteries 
  • Batteries not included with purchase
  • The feeder includes a low battery power indicator light
  • Also includes a power switch, so it can be easily turned off/on 

Directions for use

1.    Install the batteries - Install 4 x C sized cell batteries underneath the lid

2.     Fill the Auto feeder - Place food into the desired number of chambers, beginning with the chamber numbered '1'.

3.     Turn on - Replace the lid and press the power button to turn on

4.     Set the time - Use the arrow buttons to set the current time, including AM and PM

5.     Set the mealtimes

  • Press and hold the 'Enter' button for 3 seconds until 'Breakfast' shows on the screen
  • Use the arrows to choose the meal you want to program and press 'Enter'
  • Select 'Yes' to feed the selected meal or 'No' to skip the selected meal. Press 'Enter' again
  • If you selected 'Yes' for the selected meal, use the arrows to set the time for the meal to be fed and then press 'Enter'
  • Use the arrows to set the amount of chambers to be fed at the selected meal (minimum 1, maximum 3)
  • The device will wait 10 minutes between offering each chamber to allow your pet to eat. When finished, press 'Enter' again
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Yes, I recommend this product.

Works well except that first flap doesn't automatically open so I have to start with the second compartment if I want to start the feeding later eg after I'm gone (because kitty will eat the food straight away if left open) Sturdy design. Accurate reliable timer.

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