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Electronic Measuring Food Scoop For Cats And Dogs
  • Electronic Measuring Food Scoop For Cats And Dogs

Electronic Measuring Food Scoop For Cats And Dogs



Save 23% Off RRP - Accurately Measure Food For Your Pet To Ensure A Healthy Diet - While Stocks Last!
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Electronic Measuring Food Scoop For Cats And Dogs Accurately Measures Your Pets Food And Liquid With Ease On A Clear Digital Screen
  • This large, easy-to-use scoop allows you to accurately measure your pet’s food
  • Great for pets who are on a strict diet and need precise quantities of food
  • The digital screen clearly displays the weight of the contents
  • Measures dry and liquid contents
  • Holds up to 800g / 800mL / 3.4cups / 28oz
  • Measures in 4 different units: Grams, Oz, mL, and cups
  • To change between unit measurements, simply press the unit button
  • The handle can be removed by pulling down vertically and can be re-connected by simply pushing in the opposite direction and locking into place
  • BPA free food grade scoop
  • Made of ABS durable plastic
  • Battery operated- 1 x CR2032 battery included (3 Volts)
  • Automatically turns off after 1 minute


  • Total measurement: 22.5cm length x 9cm width x 5cm depth
  • Scoop measurement: 10.5cm length x 9cm width x 5cm depth
  • Handle: 11cmlength x 4cm width x 2.7cm depth

Directions for use

  • To measure accurately, hold the cup in your hand horizontally
  • Press the power button until the screen displays “0”
  • Place the contents inside the scoop and the weight will be displayed on the screen
  • To change between units (g/mL/Oz/cups), press the unit button until you have found the unit you desire
  • To clean, remove the handle and clean the scoop with a neutral cleanser
  • Remove the battery if you do not intend to use the scoop for a long time
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