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Direa For Dogs and Cats 50 Tablets
  • Direa For Dogs and Cats 50 Tablets

Direa For Dogs and Cats 50 Tablets



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    • 10 Tablets - $9.90

      Direa For Dogs and Cats 10 Tablets

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    • 50 Tablets - $27.76

      Direa For Dogs and Cats 50 Tablets

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Direa For Dogs and Cats Helps Manage Diarrhoea And Calms Your Pets Stomach


  • Veterinary advice should be sought for pets that exhibit signs of illness other than diarrhoea, including blood stained faeces, or if diarrhoea persists after 3 days treatment with this product
  • For use as an aid in the management of diarrhoea in cats and dogs 

Direa Tablets – How do they Work? 

  • Direa tablets contain a complexing or bulking agent called crospovidone that absorbs toxins and water from the gut to form a protective gel, thereby slowing and reducing the severity of the diarrhoea.
  • Crospovidone is not absorbed through the gut wall and is chemically and biologically inert



Dose Rates: 

  • A twice-daily administration of the tablets for 2-4 days is recommended
    • Dogs – 1 tablet per 10-20 kg
    • Cats – ¼ tablet per 2.5-5kg
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