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Catsan Crystal Litter For Cats 2kg
  • Catsan Crystal Litter For Cats 2kg

Catsan Crystal Litter For Cats 2kg



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    • 2kg - $11.84

      Catsan Crystal Litter For Cats 2kg

      11.84 $

Catsan Crystal Litter With Tray Liner x 1 For Cats 2kg
  • Keep your litter box clean and smelling fresh with this highly effective and fast absorbing crystal litter
  • Made from highly absorbent silica gel crystals
  • With added freshener which leaves a fresh scent and prevent odours from taking over your home.
  • Natural biodegradable crystals trap odours, then release a fresh fragrance in their place
  • Made from all-natural, premium grade ingredients
  • The long-lasting litter can cut down on litter box maintenance.
  • Solid waste can be easily removed from the litter tray
  • Long lasting odour control
  • Alcohol free formula
  • Fast acting absorption
  • Suitable for cats of all ages
  • Works well with one or multiple cats
  • Includes a free tray liner inside the pack

Helpful Hint!

The effectiveness of cat litter can be enhanced by:

  • Feeding your cat highly digestible, quality cat diets (such as Royal Canin, Hills Science Diet, Advance, Eukanuba or Iams) will reduce the volume of waste produced by your cat
  • Regularly remove portions of soiled waste from the litter tray using a litter scoop


  • For personal hygiene, it is best to use rubber gloves when handling litter
  • Always wash your hands after handling soiled cat litter

Directions for use

  • Fill your litter tray to a depth of 3-4cm with Catsan Crystals
  • The crystals will absorb urine quickly
  • Simply remove the clumps and solid matter with a litter scoop
  • Top up with fresh crystals
  • Rake litter to maintain even coverage and freshness
  • Crystals can be disposed of with other household garbage
  • Do not flush into septic tanks or dispose of in the garden or sewerage system
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