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Calol Oral Calcium Supplement For Cows 400ml
  • Calol Oral Calcium Supplement For Cows 400ml
  • Calol Oral Calcium Supplement For Cows 400ml

Calol Oral Calcium Supplement For Cows 400ml

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Calol Calcium Supplement Aids In The Prevention And Treatment Of Milk Fever

Active Ingredients

  • 450g/L Calcium Chloride (as calcium chloride dihydrate, equivalent to 122.5 g/L calcium)
  • 9g/L Magnesium Chloride (as magnesium chloride hexahydrate, equivalent to 1.06 g/L magnesium)


  • A palatable water-in-oil emulsion for use as an aid in the prevention and treatment of milk fever (hypocalcaemia) in cattle
  • May be given to cows before calving to help prevent the occurrence of milk fever in susceptible cows 
  • Can be used following treatment with injectable calcium borogluconate to reduce the possibility of relapse 


  • The calcium chloride is quickly absorbed after administration - it lowers blood pH to release calcium within 15 minutes 
  • Within 45 minutes, blood calcium levels are increased and are maintained for up to 14 hours 
  • The magnesium content is useful in cases when mild hypomagnesaemia is coexistent with hypocalcaemia
  • The formulation can also help decrease blood pH which can raise the level of free available calcium in the blood 
  • Calcium chloride has the highest absorption rate of any calcium supplement
  • Water-in-oil emulsion of calcium chloride with soya oil greatly reduces the irritant effect on mucous membranes and stomach lining by comparison to calcium supplements in other solution or gel formats

Presentation and Formula

  • Presented as a light yellow, creamy water-in-oil emulsion
  • Contains 450g/L calcium as calcium chloride and 9g/L magnesium as magnesium chloride
  • Formulated with soya oil and a palatable coconut and vanilla flavouring  
  • The formula is thick to encourage swallowing


  • Proven to be long lasting and is quick to take effect on cattle
  • Calcium Chloride has the highest absorption rate of any calcium supplement
  • Calol has scientific evidence of the product's eficacy and safety 
  • Easy to use and administer
  • Highly palatable with a great taste - coconut and vanilla flavour

ACVM No: A7044

NRA Approval No: 50275/0798


  • Shake bottle well before use
  • Withholding periods: Meat- Nil, Milk-Nil
  • For animal treatment only
  • Keep out of reach of children

Active ingredients per container

  • Calcium chloride 180g (to give 49g calcium)
  • Magnesium chloride 3.6g (to give 0.424g magnesium)

Dosage and Administration

  • Administer as an oral drench
  • Ensure that the cow is able to swallow and that ruminal motility exists
  • Administer into the cow’s mouth with care so as to avoid accidental inhalation into the trachea or lungs
  • By law, the user must take due care, obtaining expert advice when necessary to avoid unnecessary pain and distress when using the product other than as directed on the label

Recommended Dosage

To aid in the prevention of milk fever:

For cows that are especially prone to milk fever, the formula may be used to prevent its incidence. Prevention of milk fever can be achieved by drenching ‘at risk’ cows with Calol as follows: 

  • Give 1 bottle 24 hours before calving
  • Give 1 bottle immediately after calving
  • Give 1 bottle 10-12 hours after calving
  • Give 1 bottle 20-24 hours after calving

To supplement the treatment of milk fever with calcium borogluconate injection:

  • Give 1 bottle as soon as the cow stands again
  • Give 1 bottle 10-14 hours later


  • Shake well before use
  • Withholding periods: Meat- Nil, Milk-Nil


  • The water in oil emulsion of calcium chloride with soya oil greatly reduces the irritant effect that calcium chloride in solution or gel form can have on mucous membranes and the stomach lining 
  • However, some gastric irritation may occur causing reduced appetite or diarrhoea, especially if the recommended dosage is exceeded or given more frequently than recommended
  • Avoid accidental administration into the trachea or lungs
  • Do not use in the absence of a swallowing reflex and/or ruminal motility



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