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Bark Naturals Vitamin C Boost Powder For Dogs 150gm
  • Bark Naturals Vitamin C Boost Powder For Dogs 150gm

Bark Naturals Vitamin C Boost Powder For Dogs 150gm

Bark Naturals


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Bark Naturals Vitamin C Boost Powder For Dogs 150gm

The ultimate supplement providing a natural boost to your dog’s immune system!

  • Boosts the ascorbic acid when your dog is stressed, ill or on an intense exercise program
  • This Vitamin C power pack can help in the recovery of bacterial infections, surgical procedures, Kennel Cough and strenuous exercise
  • The ascorbic acid in Vitamin C can boost the immune system to help protect dogs from many joint, skin and blood diseases
  • A complete product containing essential Vitamin C, which benefits any dog requiring a natural booster to their immune system
  • Instances of additional body stress through illness, premature growth, excessive exercise, pregnancy, anxiety could all lower your dog’s immunity and require a boost of Vitamin C
  • Provides an Ascorbic Acid boost
  • Helps recovery of bacterial infections and strenuous exercise
  • Boosts immunity
  • Aids in teeth and gum health
  • Helps protect from many joint, skin and blood diseases
  • Great for muscle recovery
  • Vitamin B helps control Serotonin level in the brain which has benefits for anxious, excitable or aggressive behaviours in dogs
  • Scientifically formulated by a team of naturopaths to provide better wellbeing for dogs
  • Trialled and supported by competition winning show dogs and prize pets
  • Human grade, high quality ingredients formulated specifically for pets
  • 100% Australian made and owned
  • 100% Natural
  • GMO free
  • Low gluten
  • Low calories 
  • 150g powder

Recommended for

  • Dogs which require an immune system boost
  • Dogs recovering from surgery
  • Dogs recovering from illness
  • Dogs participating in strenuous exercise
  • Dogs with anxiety
  • Excited or aggressive dogs 

Key benefits

  • Liver health
  • Metabolism booster
  • Immunity booster
  • Endurance


  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • For animal treatment only 


  • Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Potassium and Magnesium 


  • Dosage can be doubled for the first 14 days
  • Serve daily with your dog’s meal

Size of dog

Feeding amount

Small dogs/puppies

¼ teaspoon

Medium dogs

½ teaspoon

Large dogs

1 teaspoon

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Yes, I recommend this product.

Gr8 stuff just sprinkling it over my boys food no problems with him taking it

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