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Bark Naturals Digesti Boost Powder For Dogs 100gm
  • Bark Naturals Digesti Boost Powder For Dogs 100gm

Bark Naturals Digesti Boost Powder For Dogs 100gm

Bark Naturals
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Bark Naturals Digesti Boost Powder For Dogs 100gm

A prebiotic and probiotic super green power pack for better digestion in dogs!

  • Formulated with both a prebiotic and probiotic to promote important tasks in your dog's gut
  • Remains stable until actually in the gut, bowel or colon, when it becomes an active full spectrum formula which treats this entire area with maximum effectiveness
  • Combination of Shatavari and Spirulina, packed with Chlorophyll to help promote better gut health
  • The Inulin and Honey work together to provide healthy bifidobacterial throughout the intestines
  • Dried Molasses helps replenish iron and boost metabolism
  • Turmeric assists in reducing stomach acid
  • Lactobacillus in the Yogurt helps to maximise nutrient absorption and stabilise immunity
  • Inulin is loved by good bacteria in the stomach and promotes immune system function by enhancing the bifidobacterial in the colon and inhibit harmful pathogens in the intestine that could otherwise hurt the gut
  • Green foods are some of the densest sources of nutrition that can be eaten because they are low in calories and support a healthy gut
  • Shatavari provides health benefits for our digestive tract involving a special area of digestive support by providing a unique type of carbohydrate called a ployfructan which doesn’t get broken down until it reaches the large intestine and becomes a great food source for certain types of bacteria like bifidobacterial and lactobacteria
  • Shatavari is also high in chlorophyll content which ensures it will help decrease inflammation
  • Scientifically formulated by a team of naturopaths to provide better wellbeing for dogs
  • Trialled and supported by competition winning show dogs and prize pets
  • Human grade, high quality ingredients formulated specifically for pets
  • 100% Australian made and owned
  • 100% Natural
  • GMO free
  • Low gluten
  • Low calories 
  • 100g powder

Recommended for

  • Adult dogs requiring assistance in digestion, energy levels, appetite and immunity

Key benefits

  • Assists digestion
  • Reduces acid and bloating
  • Appetite booster
  • Immunity booster


  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • For animal treatment only


  • Inulin, Shatavari, Turmeric, Yoghurt, Honey, Molasses, Spirulina, Egg Yolk, Brewers Yeast, Sunflower

Directions for use

  • Highly concentrated formula requiring only small doses
  • Dosage can be doubled in the first 14 days
  • Serve daily with a small amount of water if feeding dry food
  • Serve daily with the pet’s meal if feeding a raw diet

Size of Dog



1 teaspoon


½ tablespoon


1 tablespoon


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