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Bark Naturals Calm Daily Powder For Dogs 100gm
  • Bark Naturals Calm Daily Powder For Dogs 100gm

Bark Naturals Calm Daily Powder For Dogs 100gm

Bark Naturals


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Bark Naturals Calm Daily Powder For Dogs 100gm

The perfect anti-stress powder for long-term relief from nervousness and anxiety

  • If your dog is overly boisterous, full of energy, suffers from anxiety or constantly nervous, on a daily basis then this carefully selected blend of herbs will help to settle your pet down
  • All the ingredients, mixed in precise amounts, are proven to be natural sedatives and calming agents
  • Behavioural changes will be apparent but must be fed daily to see the full effects of a calm and happy dog
  • 100% wholesome natural ingredients
  • Contains Vervain to effectively boost mood
  • Passionflower exhibits sedative and anti-anxiety activity and is used for the quieting effect on your dog's central nervous system           
  • The lavender works to settle the nerves whilst the Hops helps your dog have a restful sleep 
  • The Ayurvedic herb Vervain helps to ease emotional issues like anxiety, lift depression and support the body during stress
  • Scientifically formulated by a team of naturopaths to provide better wellbeing for dogs
  • Trialled and supported by competition winning show dogs and prize pets
  • Human grade, high quality ingredients formulated specifically for pets
  • Highly concentrated formula requiring only small doses
  • 100% Australian made and owned
  • GMO free
  • Low gluten
  • Low calories
  • 100g powder

Recommended for

  • Dogs suffering from long term stress or anxiety
  • Overly energetic, boisterous dogs

Key Benefits

  • Mood booster
  • Ease anxiety
  • Sleep aid
  • Naturopathic


  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • For animal treatment only 


  • Passionflower, Hops, Vervain, Lavender


  • Serve daily with your dog’s meal
  • Dosage can be doubled for the first 14 days.

Size of dog


Small dogs

¼ teaspoon

Medium dogs

1 ½ teaspoons

Large dogs

2 teaspoons


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Yes, I recommend this product.

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