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API Nitrite Test Kit For Fish Aquarium
  • API Nitrite Test Kit For Fish Aquarium
  • API Nitrite Test Kit For Fish Aquarium
  • API Nitrite Test Kit For Fish Aquarium
  • API Nitrite Test Kit For Fish Aquarium

API Nitrite Test Kit For Fish Aquarium

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API Nitrite Test Kit For Freshwater And Saltwater Fish Aquarium Helps To Maintain A Safe And Healthy Environment For Your Fishy Friends
  • The test kit quickly and accurately measures nitrite levels in aquarium water to keep your fish happy and healthy 
  • Nitrite is a toxic chemical produced when nitrifying bacteria break down ammonia in water
  • Nitrite can occur due to fish waste and uneaten fish food in the tank 
  • Low levels of nitrite inhibit respiration and suppress the immune system
  • High nitrite levels can result in fish suffocation and death
  • By testing your aquarium’s nitrite level, you can correct it before it becomes unsafe for your fish
  • Measures nitrite levels from 0 ppm - 5 ppm (mg/L)
  • The test kit is a quick, easy and simple way to keep your fishy friends safe, happy and healthy

Why Test for Nitrite?

  • Nitrite is produced in the aquarium/pond by the biological filter
  • Beneficial bacteria in the biological filter convert ammonia into nitrite
  • The biological filter then converts nitrite into nitrate
  • Nitrite is toxic and will prevent fish from carrying on normal respiration, and high levels will lead to death 
  • Even trace amounts of nitrite stress fish, suppressing their immune system and increasing the likelihood of disease
  • Too many fish, as well as uneaten food and decomposing plants and other organic matter,  can cause excessive nitrite levels
  • Water should be tested for nitrite when the aquarium is first set up, and once a week after the biological filter has been established  (in about 4-6 weeks)
  • Using API QUICK START will help accelerate the development of the biological filter 

Pack Contains:

  • 180 tests 
  • 1 test solution
  • Glass test tube
  • Colour chart
  • Easy-to-read instructions

Testing Tips

  • This test kit reads total nitrite level in parts per million (ppm) which are equivalent to milligrams per litre (mg/L) from 0 - 5 ppm (mg/L)

Directions for Use

  1. Fill a clean test tube with 5mL of water to be tested (to the line on the tube)
  2. Add 5 drops of Nitrite Test Solution, holding the dropper bottle upside down in a completely vertical position to assure uniformity of drops 
  3. Cap the test tube and shake for 5 seconds
  4. Wait 5 minutes for the colour to develop
  5. Read the test results by comparing the colour of the solution to the Nitrite Colour Card - the tube should be viewed in a well-lit area against the white area of the card. The closest match indicates the ppm (mg/L) of nitrite in the water sample. Rinse the test tube with clean water after use 

What The Test Results Mean:

  • In new aquariums/ponds, the nitrite level will gradually climb to 5 ppm (mg/L) or more
  • As the biological filter becomes established, nitrite levels will drop to 0 ppm (mg/L)
  • In an established aquarium, the nitrite level should always remain at 0; any level above 0 can harm fish
  • The presence of nitrite indicates possible over-feeding, too many fish, or inadequate biological filtration 

Reducing Aquarium Nitrite Levels

  • Add API NITRA-ZORB/AQUA DETOX to the aquarium filter to remove nitrite from freshwater aquariums
  • Making partial water changes can also help reduce nitrite, especially if the initial level is very high 
  • Use API QUICK START to help speed the development of the biological filter
  • Adding API AQUARIUM SALT will reduce nitrite toxicity to fish while the biological filter is removing the nitrite 

Reducing Pond Nitrite Levels

  • Make sure adequate oxygenation and surface agitation are provided
  • If the nitrite level exceeds 0.50 ppm, begin making water changes (25%) every 2 days until nitrite drops to 0.25 ppm or less
  • Even a low level of nitrite can cause severe stress to pond fish, leading to disease outbreaks and fish death 
  • To reduce the harmful effects of nitrite, add API POND SALT as directed
  • POND SALT will also add the natural electrolytes that fish lose in times of stress


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