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API Ammo Lock For Fish Aquarium 118ml
  • API Ammo Lock For Fish Aquarium 118ml
  • API Ammo Lock For Fish Aquarium 118ml
  • API Ammo Lock For Fish Aquarium 118ml

API Ammo Lock For Fish Aquarium 118ml

Submerse Yourself In Your Underwater World - While Stocks Last
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    • Size
    • 118ml - $9.75

      API Ammo Lock For Fish Aquarium 118ml

      9.75 $
    • 480ml - $29.95

      API Ammo Lock For Fish Aquarium 473ml

      29.95 $

API Ammo Lock For Fish Aquarium Protects Your Fishy Friends From Ammonia By Detoxifying It And Creating A Safe Healthy Environment
  • This highly effective liquid is scientifically proven to protect fish against harmful ammonia by converting it into a non-toxic form
  • Works instantly in both fresh and saltwater aquariums to detoxify ammonia and remove chlorine and chloramines
  • Removes fish stress caused by elevated ammonia levels and promotes healthy gill function
  • Locks up ammonia in a non-toxic form until it can be broken down by the tank's natural biological filter
  • Ammonia is produced by fish urine, uneaten fish food, dead and decaying plants and insects
  • Ammonia is toxic and can be fatal to your marine creatures  
  • Ammo Lock protects your fish from ammonia by detoxifying it and allowing the biological filter within your aquarium to dispose of it efficiently


  • If your aquarium tests positive for ammonia, it is necessary to perform a partial water change first, and then neutralize the ammonia
  • Ammo Lock does not remove ammonia, it simply breaks it down to a non-toxic form which then gets eliminated by the biological filter
  • As a result, your ammonia tester may still test positive for ammonia until the biological filter has been replaced

Directions for Use

  • Use dosing cap on the bottle
  • Add 5 ml per 10 gallons (38L) of aquarium water
  • Add every 2 days until ammonia is not detected
  • If still present after 7 days, partially replace the water in the aquarium, service your filter and reduce feeding 
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