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Advance Chicken In Jelly Kitten 2-12 Months Pouches Wet Cat Food 85gm x 12
  • Advance Chicken In Jelly Kitten 2-12 Months Pouches Wet Cat Food 85gm x 12

Advance Chicken In Jelly Kitten 2-12 Months Pouches Wet Cat Food 85gm x 12



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Advance Chicken In Jelly Kitten 2-12 Months Pouches Wet Cat Food Is Yummy And Nutritious For Optimal Feline Health
  • Nutritionally complete and balanced wet food, specially designed for growing kittens 
  • Each box has 12 pouches inside

Highly Palatable

  • Delicious, tender chunks of real meat in yummy jelly appeals to young felines 

Skin and Coat Health 

  • Contains essential vitamins and minerals to support healthy skin and a shiny coat 

Immune Health

  • Contains antioxidants to support immune system functioning 

Muscle Health

  • Real meat provides your kitten with a fantastic source of lean protein to help support lean muscle growth and maintenance 

Urinary Health

  • Optimal water turnover helps support a healthy urinary system 

Recommended for

  • Kittens 2-12 months in age

Not recommended for

  • Adult Cats
  • Dogs


Meat derived from Chicken, Beef, Lamb; Binder (Beef and/or Pork); Flavours; Gelling Agents; Vegetable Oil; All Essential Vitamins & Minerals; Colours; Antioxidants; Taurine

Nutritional Analysis

Crude Protein 8%, Crude Fat 3%

Metabolisable Energy


Feeding Instructions

  • The feeding table below is a guide only, actual feeding amounts should vary according to age, activity, size and temperament of your cat
  • When introducing this food to your cat's diet, mix increasing amounts of this new food with decreasing amounts of your cat’s old food over a one-week period
  • When feeding both Dry and Wet food, simply halve the recommended quantities of each product and let your pet enjoy the best of both formats
  • During gestation and lactation, feed 2-3 times as much food as recommended in the Daily Feeding Guide for the weight of your adult cat
  • Have clean, fresh water available always

Feeding Guide

Kitten age

Number of pouches

Weaning - 3 months

3 ½ - 4 ¼

4-6 months

5 – 5 ½

6-10 months

5 ½

10 months +

5 ½

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Yes, I recommend this product.

My Ragdoll kitty loves Advance wet food. I used to feed him Royal Canin but now he refuses to eat it after having introduced Advance to his diet. I have 2.5 boxes that may go to waste đŸ˜«


Yes, I recommend this product.

Cats love this


Yes, I recommend this product.

Excellent food for kittens. Tried other brand however was not good for the kittens stomach.

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