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Toothbrush Double Ended For Dogs
  • Toothbrush Double Ended For Dogs
  • Toothbrush Double Ended For Dogs
  • Toothbrush Double Ended For Dogs

Toothbrush Double Ended For Dogs



26% Off RRP - Cleans Your Dogs Teeth Faster & More Effectively - While Stocks Last
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Toothbrush Double Ended For Dogs Is A Safe And Efficient Way To Keep Your Pets Teeth Clean

Clean your dog’s teeth faster, easier and more effectively!

  • Using a pet-specific toothbrush dramatically improves your pets’ oral hygiene as it helps to keep teeth clean, freshen breath, and reduces the risk of dental health problems
  • This innovative toothbrush has bristle heads at both ends of different sizes to suit dogs of all breeds
  • The brush allows you to reach the teeth towards the back of the mouth where the majority of plaque build-up occurs
  • The bristles are made of quality nylon filaments with the appropriate softness needed for dog mouths
  • Gives a fast, easy and efficient clean
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Designed for everyday use with pet toothpaste
  • Caters for all dogs 


  • 22cm length
  • 1cm handle width 
  • Brush head 1: 2.8cm length x 1.3cm width 
  • Brush head 2:1cm length x 0.8cm width 
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Yes, I recommend this product.

Fantastic. The smaller end is perfect for my cat


Yes, I recommend this product.

Fabulous brush, both ends get right in and do a great job of cleaning my dog's teeth. She was quite happy to let me clean her teeth.


Yes, I recommend this product.

Easy to use great price

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