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Malaseb Shampoo And Pyohex Conditioner Pack For Dogs and Cats
  • Malaseb Shampoo And Pyohex Conditioner Pack For Dogs and Cats

Malaseb Shampoo And Pyohex Conditioner Pack For Dogs and Cats



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Malaseb Shampoo And Pyohex Conditioner Pack For Dogs and Cats
  • This shampoo and conditioner pack is perfect to treat dogs and cats with itchy and irritated skin
  • The pack contains Malaseb 250ml and Pyohex medicated conditioner lotion 100ml

Malaseb Shampoo 250ml

  • Topical keratolytic, antibacterial antifungal and antipruritic shampoo for dogs and cats
  • Formulated to remove, scale, degrease the skin and kill micro-organisms which is a major cause of dermatitis
  • Kills the micro-organisms and helps to keep the numbers of yeasts and bacteria at manageable levels
  • Eliminates allergens such as pollens which can be trapped in fur or on skin causing itching and irritation  
  • Ideal for general or multifocal therapy of dermatitis in your pet
  • Contains Miconazole which is an antifungal with potent activity against fungi and year
  • Contains Chlorhexidine Gluconate which is a proven antimicrobial agent that fights against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
  • Treatment and control of Seborrheic dermatitis associated with Malassezia pachydermatitis and Staph intermedius
  • Contains no dyes or perfumes to decrease the chance of further skin issues
  • The surfactant base eradicates affected lipids without stripping your pet’s coat

Pyohex Medicated Conditioner Lotion 100ml

  • A topical antibacterial leave-on conditioner
  • For use after washing as an aid in the treatment and the prevention of superficial dermatitis associated with infections by Staphylococcus intermedius
  • The Chlorhexidine binds to hair to remove bacteria in situ and kills all bacteria by disrupting the cell membrane and precipitating the cell contents
  • Chlorhexidine binds strongly to the skin and hair, resulting in up to 14 days of residual action
  • Designed to be used in correlation with the Malaseb Shampoo


  • For use on dogs and cats only

Active Constituents


  • 20 g/L Chlorhexidine gluconate
  • 20 g/L Miconazole nitrate


  • 30 g/L Chlorhexidine gluconate


Directions for use for shampoo

  • If your pet has seborrheoic dermatitis, the shampoo should be used twice weekly when the infection is active
  • It is possible reduce the frequency of bathing to once per fortnight once the infection is under control
  • Generally, long term therapy is needed because it is not always possible to resolve the cause of the imbalance
  • If your pet has ringworm, it is recommended to bath your pet twice weekly to clean the coat of spores and infection
  • Therapy for ringworm is generally needed for 8-12 weeks

Tips for Shampoo cleaning

  • Leave the shampoo on your pet’s coat for 10 minutes
  • Ensure the coat is completely wet before applying the shampoo and conditioner because this will make it easy to lather and spread over the coat
  • Use a wet sponge to spread the shampoo and keep the coat wet throughout application
  • Use a damp cloth with diluted foam to clean your pet’s face

Directions for use for conditioner

  • If your pet has seborrheoic dermatitis, it is recommended that after the shampoo is applied and washed off, the conditioner should be applied
  • The conditioner helps to promote both the benefits of moisturising with higher antiseptic levels on the skin and coat and prolong the duration of activity
  • If your pet has ringworm, it is suggested to apply the conditioner for its moisturising and detangling properties after shampooing
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