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Kazoo Kitty Hide And Hang Den Scratching Post Fun House Toy For Cats
  • Kazoo Kitty Hide And Hang Den Scratching Post Fun House Toy For Cats

Kazoo Kitty Hide And Hang Den Scratching Post Fun House Toy For Cats

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Kazoo Kitty Hide & Hang Den Scratching Post Fun House Toy For Cats Is A Great Way To Provide Your Kitties With Cosy Places To Relax In Comfort

Kitties love to hide or get up high, and this scratching post with den gives them the best of both worlds!

  • Satisfies cats natural instincts to scratch and perch
  • Great for teaching your indoor cat the right place to scratch
  • The 2 level elevation gives your cat options to be just off the ground away from those pesky fur-siblings, or way up high enjoying the view
  • The scratching pole provides a great place for your kitty to scratch and renew those claws
  • The pole has sisal rope from top to bottom, for cats that like to stretch out or climb
  • Includes a den to provide a safe and comfortable place for your kitty to get comfortable and cosy
  • The top level is a soft hammock-style sling bed, where your kitty can “hide & hang” in luxurious high-set comfort
  • Cats love a range of textures, therefore this multi-level scratch pole will be irresistible for never-ending play!

Base Den

  • The roof of the den is 30cm (approx) off the ground, high enough to easily run and jump onto
  • There is a nice soft cushion for your kitty to enjoy while relaxing in the den
  • The den cushion is reversible and has short pile carpet material on one side and soft corduroy material on the other side
  • The entry to the den is nice and wide to fit even the sturdiest of cats while providing a good viewpoint to keep an eye on things going on

Scratching Post

  • Satisfies your cat's need to experience the stretching and exercise they get when scratching
  • Provides a safe scratching behaviour outlet for your cat – and saves your furniture, curtains, carpets etc from scratching damage
  • The post is wrapped in natural sisal, perfect for scratching
  • There are 2 scratching posts, one on top of the other totalling 65cm (approx) of fun scratching area

Top Shelf

  • The bed platform provides a high perching place for cats to watch the world go by
  • There is a luxurious and soft sleeping sling where your cat can snuggle and relax in peace
  • The sleeping sling is made from soft, plush fleece material, perfect for cats to curl up on comfortably
  • The platform is 64 cm (approx) from the ground
  • The sling has a 5cm (approx) sleeping depth keeping your kitty nice and cosy
  • You can position the top shelf above the den or go wild and let it hang out away from the bottom level of the scratching pole

 For Indoor Cats

  • Helps to keep your cat calm and relaxed, by providing a safe and controlled outlet for scratching, climbing, jumping and perching – essential, natural behaviours your cat needs
  • Encourages your cat to exercise, provides stimulation through play and exploration, and helps to reduce inactivity and boredom
  • The perch provides an opportunity for your cat to observe and monitor their territory from a higher level – if the tower is located near a window, the cat will also be able to view the outdoors, while still safely inside your home
  • A safe scratching behaviour outlet for your cat - and saves your furniture, curtains, carpets and other valuables from scratching damage

 For multi-cat households

  • Cats rely on the availability of vertical areas and private hiding places, for relaxation and safety in multi-cat households, a cat tower helps to provide these crucial resources
  • Providing a cat tower increases the availability of vertical spaces in your home, helping to reduce stress, anxiety and incidences of aggressive behaviour between cat housemates
  • Multiple levels on the tower will allow the more confident cat in the household opportunities to perch up high, over the top of the other cat – claiming territory and control of vertical space - reducing the confident cat’s need for physical confrontations and tense stand offs with the less confident cat
  • Timid cats can use the elevated shelves as safe, quiet resting spaces, that allow them to monitor the home and the movements of the other cat, from above, reducing stress and anxiety associated with possible ambush and surprise altercations
  • Multiple towers may be required in homes where there are more than 2 cats in the household

 Dimensions (Approximately)

  • Base: 40cm length x 30cm diameter
  • Den: 40cm length x 26cm Height x 29cm diameter
  • Inside Sleeping Area: 21cm Height x 27cm diameter
  • Top Shelf: 40cm length x 30cm diameter
  • Sleeping Sling: 29cm diameter x 5cm depth
  • Total floor space needed with top shelf positioned over the den: 66cm Height x 40cm Length x 30cm Width
  • Total floor space needed with top shelf positioned away from den: 66cm Height x 51cm Length x 30cm Width


  • Suitable for cats of all ages and activity levels
  • Supervise your pet while they play with the scratcher
  • Inspect the toy frequently for any damage
  • Cease using the toy and replace the toy if it is damaged
  • Simple assembly required
  • Can be disassembled for easier storage
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