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Welcome To The Family Puppy Cuddly Gift Box
  • Welcome To The Family Puppy Cuddly Gift Box
  • Welcome To The Family Puppy Cuddly Gift Box
  • Welcome To The Family Puppy Cuddly Gift Box
  • Welcome To The Family Puppy Cuddly Gift Box
  • Welcome To The Family Puppy Cuddly Gift Box
  • Welcome To The Family Puppy Cuddly Gift Box

Welcome To The Family Puppy Cuddly Gift Box

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      Welcome To The Family Puppy Cuddly Gift Box

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Welcome To The Family Cuddly Puppy Box For Dogs Is The Perfect Way To Make Your New Pal Feel Comfortable In Your Home

This special puppy pack includes a beautiful soft blanket and towel kit with two cute plush toys inside, plus 2 extra squeaky toys, designed to provide comfort, security, and snuggly enjoyment for your young puppy during their early stages of life.

The Puppy Box contains:

  • Trixie Cute Puppy Kit with Blue Blanket, Toys and Absorbent Towel
  • Bounce & Pounce Bright Chubbies Monkey Plush Squeak Toy Small for Dogs
  • Nerf Retriever Plush Football Medium Toy For Dogs
  • Vitapet Jerhigh Milky Sticks For Puppies And Dogs 100g

The pack is best suited to young puppies that do not have adult teeth.

Trixie Cute Puppy Kit with Blue Blanket, Toys and Absorbent Towel

  • The pack contains a cuddly fleece blanket, an extra absorbent towel and 2 soft toys

Fleece blanket

  • This blanket is soft and comforting for your puppy to snuggle in bed with
  • Blankets provide puppies with a feeling of security and respite
  • Made from 100% polyester
  • The top of the blanket has a beautiful plush feel
  • The base has a cotton polyester surface

Microfibre towel

  • This towel is fantastic for drying off your puppy after bath time
  • It has great absorbing power and dries very quickly
  • Designed to be lightweight and soft on your puppy’s body
  • Made from 85% Polyester and 15% Polyamid/Polyamide

Soft plush toys

  • The 2 adorable little toys are absolutely perfect for little pups – one is shaped like a bone and the other is shaped like a tiny human
  • They are covered in beautiful plush fabric and stuffed with extra cushioning for snuggly comfort
  • One toy is a cute bone shape to appeal to your pup’s wild side and the other toy is the shape of a little human to act as your mini-me to keep your pup comforted when they are all alone in bed
  • They contain a fun squeaker to gain your pup’s attention and keep them engaged in play
  • Toys act as a great companion when your pup is alone in bed
  • Great for chase and fetch games to keep your puppy mentally and physically active


  • Kit bag: 26cm height x 19.5cm length x 6cm width
  • Blanket: 76cm x 50cm
  • Towel: 52cm x 40cm x 2mm
  • Toys:12cm x 10cm x 3cm

Washing Instructions

  • The fleece blanket in machine washable up to 30 degrees
  • The towel is machine washable up to 60 degrees

Bounce & Pounce Bright Chubbies Monkey Plush Squeak Toy Small For Dogs

  • This adorable monkey plush toy is jam-packed full of fun and sure to be a major hit with your puppy!
  • Your pup will love the variety of textures combined with an amusing squeaker hidden inside
  • The toy is perfect for interactive play and acts as the perfect snuggle companion during quiet time
  • The monkey’s belly is covered in soft pile material, his arms and feet are covered in felt and he has a fluffy head of hair
  • All facial features are embroidered on for durability and safety
  • He is filled with soft plush stuffing to make him extra snuggly for your pup
  • The fun, bright colours add extra attraction and make the monkey easy to spot around the house or in the grass
  • Provides both mental and physical stimulation to keep your puppy happy, healthy and out of mischief
  • Satisfies your young canine’s primitive instincts to chase, jump, hunt and play
  • Dimensions: 19cm height x 21cm length x 5cm width 

Nerf Retriever Plush Football Medium Toy For Dogs

  • A super soft and cuddly play toy for your puppy to chase and retrieve
  • Great to use as a toy for bonding time between you and your puppy, a bed-time comforting security toy, and as an indoor chase and fetch toy
  • You will have hours of fun with your pup throwing and chasing this super soft and cuddly football
  • Filled with 100% polyester, the soft crinkly material will keep your pooch engaged and stimulated
  • The texture of the football is lovely, soft plush with Nerf embroidered safely on the surface
  • The football stitching is also embroidered so it is all soft and safe for delicate mouths
  • Strong and durable surface material 
  • There is a squeaker inside to give your pooch endless hours of fun
  • Lightweight which allows your puppy to carry the toy around in their mouth
  • Plush, fluffy ball will not hurt your puppy’s gums or teeth
  • To clean, wipe with a damp cloth
  • Dimensions: length: 12.7cm, diameter: 8cm

Vitapet Jerhigh Milky Sticks For Puppies And Dogs 100g

  • Irresistible chicken and milk treats that smell and taste delicious!
  • Made with real chicken as a quality protein source (no offcuts, carcasses or bones used)
  • Includes milk - which provides calcium for healthy teeth and bones
  • Made in a human grade food factory
  • Ideal as a reward or training tool
  • Low in salt
  • Less than 10% fat for an ideal body composition 
  • Pack is resealable to maintain freshness
  • Does not require refrigeration


  • Only choose toys for your dog that are larger than the dog’s mouth
  • Choose a size that allows them to get their mouth around the toy
  • Get to know your dog’s holding/gripping strength and play style before selecting toys 
  • This is an interactive toy to use with your dog - it is not a chew toy
  • Supervise your dog’s use of this toy - do not leave the toy available for the dog to destroy or eat the toy
  • Frequently inspect the toy and remove the toy from the dog if it damages the toy or tries to swallow pieces of the toy
  • Replace the toy if it is worn or damaged 
  • Unfortunately, no dog toy is indestructible – if your dog can quickly and easily damage a toy, then the toy is not suited to your dog’s play style, and a different toy should be provided for your dog
  • If you have a multiple dog home, take extra care to keep large dogs away from smaller dog's toys

Milky Sticks Ingredients

  • Chicken meat, water, salt, skim milk powder, vitamin C, sugar, glycerine, milk flavour, tapioca starch

Milky Sticks Feeding Instructions

  • Treats should not constitute more than 5% of a dog’s daily diet
  • If in doubt ask your veterinarian what’s best for your dog
  • Not recommended for feeding to cats

Feeding Guide

Dog Size

Feeding Amount

Extra Small (under 2.5kg)

½ Treat

Small (2.5 – 7kg)

1 Treat

Small – Medium (7 – 11kg)

2 Treats

Medium (11 – 22kg)

3 Treats

Medium – Large (22.5 – 35kg)

4 Treats

Large (35kg and over)

5 Treats

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