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Metal Dog Crate Double Door 30inch
  • Metal Dog Crate Double Door 30inch
  • Metal Dog Crate Double Door 30inch

Metal Dog Crate Double Door 30inch



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    • Size
    • 24inch - $57.99

      Metal Dog Crate Double Door 24inch

      57.99 $
    • 30inch - $71.99

      Metal Dog Crate Double Door 30inch

      71.99 $
    • 36inch - $110.00

      Metal Dog Crate Double Door 36inch

      110.00 $
    • 42inch - $149.89

      Metal Dog Crate Double Door 42inch

      149.89 $
    • 48inch - $155.00

      Metal Dog Crate Double Door 48inch

      155.00 $

Metal Dog Crate Double Door Is A Great Place For Your Canine Friend To Relax And Learn Essential Good Behaviours At Home Or When Travelling
  • This handy crate has multiple uses and is a fantastic tool for toilet training, behaviour training, travel training, and training for calm and settled behaviour
  • This handy crate also acts as a nice den - great to use as a cosy place to sleep and relax
  • You can add in your own soft cushion, crate water bowl and plenty of toys and your dog will feel happy and comfortable at all times
  • The crate includes two doors - front and side, allowing more than one access point to the crate in your home or in the car
  • The metal wire construction has a durable, black coated finish
  • Includes a removable heavy-duty tray for easy cleaning
  • The sliding door latch provides safety and security
  • The rubber feet on the base of the crate protect floors and other surfaces
  • No tools are required for assembly and it can be easily set-up or disassembled within seconds  
  • The crate can be folded down flat – great for travel and storage
  • Stainless steel crate bowls can be fitted to the crate (these can be purchased separately)

 Choosing the Correct Size Crate

  • Measure your dog before selecting a crate – dog height (floor to top of head when the head is raised), body length (from the tip of the nose to rear end – allow some extra length for long tails) and bodyweight
  • Height and length of dog are more helpful than bodyweight
  • The selected crate should be large enough for the dog to sit, stand, lay down and turn around comfortably when in the crate
  • If the dog is still growing – choose a crate size that will accommodate their adult size

Outer Crate Dimensions (approx.) 

Cage Dimensions:

  • Size: 78cm length x 50cm width x 55 cm height
  • Fold up dimensions: 78cm length x 50cm width x 9cm height
  • Front door opening: 33cm length x 41cm height
  • Side door opening: 33cm length x 38cm height
  • Breed types: French Bulldog, Jack Russell, Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Mini Collie

Size Guide

  • 24” Crate – Dogs up to 11kg or 56cm long, 40cm tall
  • 30” Crate – Dogs 11-18kg or 61cm long, 51cm tall
  • 36” Crate – Dogs 18-31kg or 76cm long, 58cm tall
  • 42” Crate – Dogs 31-40kg or 81cm long, 63cm tall
  • 48” Crate – Dogs 40-50kg or 91cm long, 71cm tall


  • Not designed to be carried with your dog inside
  • Dog breeds recommended are simply a guide
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Massive cage. Perfect for my Staghound.


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Good prices


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Prompt delivery! Item in perfect order as described!


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Fantastic, makes travelling with Felix so much easier, no more stress for Felix as he can see us when we’re all in the car travelling.

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