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Solvit Deluxe Triscope Telescopic Pet Travel Ramp Medium For Dogs
  • Solvit Deluxe Triscope Telescopic Pet Travel Ramp Medium For Dogs
  • Solvit Deluxe Triscope Telescopic Pet Travel Ramp Medium For Dogs

Solvit Deluxe Triscope Telescopic Pet Travel Ramp Medium For Dogs

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Solvit Deluxe Triscope Telescopic Pet Travel Ramp For Dogs Is The Perfect Travel Accessory To Help Your Pet Into Your Car

Travelling with your dog will now be a breeze with this innovative car ramp!

  • A highly efficient and easy to use ramp that extends and contracts for multiple uses
  • Prevents unnecessary risks and injuries to your pet or yourself when loading your pet in and out of the car or onto high surfaces
  • Provides safe access to vehicles, furniture, vet/grooming tables, and offers an alternative to climbing up stairs
  • Great for old dogs, injured dogs, or dogs with mobility issues
  • Weighs only 6.5kg but supports up to 136kg body weight
  • Extremely lightweight compared to other dog ramps, making it great for pet owners unable to life heavy objects
  • Very compact and easy to store
  • The ramp when folded is 71cm long and extends to 1.8m
  • A high-traction walking surface provides a textured surface to help prevent slips
  • Raised rails on both sides of the walking surface help your pet feel more secure walking up and down the ramp
  • Combination of aluminium and plastic design make it the lightest & strongest pet ramp of its kind
  • The telescoping design is the key feature which makes this ramp so sublime and easy to use
  • Simply slide it out to use and slide it in to store
  • No clumsy folding and unfolding required
  • Great for SUVs, trucks, Station Wagons, Utes, Grooming tables, when fully extended
  • Shorten the ramp when space is limited or when the upper surface isn't as high such as your bed, couch, or side car door
  • Can be used around the home over steps and retaining walls etc.
  • Includes a convenient carry handle for easy transport
  • Safety release latch to prevent accidental opening
  • Rubber feet to keep the ramp stable while in use
  • No sharp corners to damage your car or furniture
  • Smooth telescoping action will not pinch your hands
  • Ultra-stiff design
  • Sets up in seconds
  • Easy to clean - hose off or use mild detergent
  • Grey in colour


  • Length: 70cm (when contracted) - 180cm (when extended)
  • Width: 41m
  • Thickness: 9cm


Directions for use

  • To use the ramp simply set the angled, upper end of the ramp on the surface to which your pet is trying to climb
  • Unsnap the safety release strap then pull out the inner slide to the required length and set it on the ground
  • It's important the rubber feet on the upper and lower ends of the ramp are resting firmly on a stable surface
  • The ramp will lock it in place when weight is applied
  • When finished simply push the inner slide back into the closed position, re-snap the safety release strap and stow in a convenient place
  • It is recommended to hold your pet's collar or guide them with a lead as they walk on the ramp
  • Make sure your pet walks on the high traction surface and stays away from the edges of the ramp

Training your Dog to use the Solvit ramp

  • Proper training to use the ramp without fearing it is essential
  • You must allow your pet to become familiar with the ramp prior to first use
  • Lay the ramp flat on the ground and place treats or familiar dog toys on the ramp
  • Offer reassurance and praise as you train your pet to walk on the ramp in this position
  • Incline the ramp in small increments and continue training before using with a vehicle

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Easy to keep clean
  • The aluminium rails on the ramp are pre-lubricated with household paraffin wax, and re-application is not necessary
  • The plastic and aluminium parts of the ramp can be cleaned with any standard household cleaner
  • The high traction tread material can be cleaned with mild detergent and a stiff brush
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