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Me & Zelda Universal Fit Adjustable Car Safety Barrier
  • Me & Zelda Universal Fit Adjustable Car Safety Barrier
  • Me & Zelda Universal Fit Adjustable Car Safety Barrier

Me & Zelda Universal Fit Adjustable Car Safety Barrier

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    • Car Safety Barrier - $26.00

      Me & Zelda Universal Fit Adjustable Car Safety Barrier

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Me & Zelda Universal Fit Adjustable Car Safety Barrier Is A Smart Way To Keep Your Pet Safe During Travel In The Back Seat

Does your dog have a hard time understanding boundaries while travelling? This car barrier is perfect for keeping your canine friend safe in the back of your car!

  • Provides a strong ‘wall’ between the back and front seat to protect your dog and yourself while travelling
  • Prevents dangerous distracted driving
  • Stops dog hair from entering the front of the car
  • The barrier easily attaches to the back of the front seats
  • Includes a small mesh window which allows you and your dog to see one another
  • Made of strong nylon material with durable plastic buckles
  • The D-rings attach under the front head rests and the hooks attach under the front car seats
  • The vertical straps are easily adjustable for optimal fit
  • Fast and easy to install and remove
  • Fits most vehicles from small cars to mini vans


  • Total: 70cm height x 50cm width
  • Mesh window: 30cm length x 10cm height
  • The adjustable straps can be loosened to fit between 2 car seats up to 150cm in total width

Directions for use

  1. Place the barrier so the logo is facing the back of the car
  2. Remove the driver’s seat headrest
  3. Slide the inner headrest post through the inner D-ring
  4. Slide outer D-ring through the outer headrest post
  5. Repeat on the passenger side
  6. The base clip hook can be attached to either the underneath of the front seat base plate, or the strap can run around the outside footing of each seat and secure the hook to under seat connector
  7. Adjust for a firm fit
  8. Pull top adjustable straps tight on both sides, pull both bottom straps tight

Cleaning Instructions

  • Brush off loose dirt with a dry brush
  • Spot clean with a damp sponge, cold water, and mild soap
  • Do not use strong detergents
  • If required, rinse larger area to eradicate excess soap residue
  • Hang to air dry (do not machine dry)
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