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A common misconception many pet owners believe is their dog or cat doesn't get fleas during winter. Many think fleas cannot survive the cold weather. However, flea populations survive in winter no matter how cold it is.

How do flea populations survive through winter? Because of the flea life cycle, they are continuously in the environment. Unless all life stages are managed inside the home and outside in your yard, flea population will continue to be a problem.

Adult fleas can continue to be a problem in winter for pet owners who have central heating or use heater, providing a perfect environment for flea development throughout the colder months.

It is important to treat your pets for fleas all year round because anyone who has had a flea infestation it is easier to prevent than eliminate them.

If your current flea prevention method works in the warmer months it will continue to work in the colder months and give you and your furry family member piece of mind.

Eliminate fleas by:

  • Continuously and consistently treating your pet using spot on treatments, flea shampoo, rinses, sprays and collars.
  • Treating your house by using appropriate and effective sprays, foggers and bombs in the home.
  • Vacuuming the home regularly to help remove eggs, larvae and pupae developing within the home.
  • Regularly washing pet bedding and soft toys.

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