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Paw Grooming
Purina have developed a simple 4 step process which is simple and effective and takes all the guess work out, allowing the process to be easy for pet owners to achieve.
Step 1

Removes knots & tangles
All knots and tangles must be removed prior to bathing to avoid skin irritations. This also helps create a healthy skin and coat for your pet.

Calming and soothing
Removing these knots will help keep your pet calm prior to bathing and makes cleaning the bath easier.

Step 2

Shampoo and Lather
Shampooing opens the hair follicles and allows your pet's hair to be cleaned.

Massage and clean
A clean coat forms the foundation for creating the best overall neat and tidy appearance.

A dry coat assists in clipping, de-shedding and helps prevent your pet getting dirty again.

Step 3

De-shed removing loose undercoat
After bathing, de-shed your pet to remove loose undercoat and dead hair.

Full Body Clip and Trim
Clipping and trimming on a regular basis will ensure your pet's coat looks great.

Brush, Shine and Spray
After de-shedding, brush your pet's coat to remove any additional debris or loose hair.

Step 4

Nail Clipping
Regular nail clipping prevents discomfort or pain for yourself and your pet.

Nail Filing
If neglected for a long time, your pet's nails can splinter, break or even cause an infection. Nail filing can help prevent these problems from occurring.

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