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Many of our pets suffer from poorly functioning joints and it can become more of a problem during colder weather.

Most common in older pets, there are a few simple changes you could make at home to help get them through the cold winter.

Bedding - Pets who struggle to get up in the morning usually are suffering with stiff joints. Like us humans, our pets feel the cold in their bones. Ensuring your pet has a comfortable and osteo supporting bed will make their life a little cosier. Our elderly pets appreciate a warm comfortable bed and a blanket to snuggle into.
Coats - We all love to dress our furry friends in fancy jackets and onesies. It's true, there is nothing cuter than a pet pooch dressed up in human clothes. During colder nights, dressing your pet in a comfy coat when they go outside will keep their belly, spine, hips and shoulders warm while they play or do their business.COAT
MASSAGEMassage - Most dogs and cats love a good massage, but a regular rub down will help reduce the discomfort of joint pain. Other benefits include increased circulation and lowers blood pressure.
Dish and water bowl placement - Elevating your pet's bowls will make eating and drinking more comfortable.BOWL
FLOORSFloor - Slippery surfaces can pose a big problem for pets with joint dysfunction. Once they slip on tiled floor it could mean a trip to the vet. An easy solution is inexpensive floor runners or rubber mats in certain areas around the house.
Please note: Any information we provide is general information only, for professional advice please seek a veterinarian