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Tracy Jack RussellJack Russell Terrier
The most important part of choosing a dog is picking the correct breed to suit your circumstances. Jack Russell Terriers grow up to an average of 35cm tall and are a commitment for an average lifespan of 13-15 years, they are best suited to active people and families.

While Jack Russell Terriers may be small and cute, they are exploding with energy...All the time! You must be prepared to give them new things for entertainment regularly, or they will get up to mischief by finding their own entertainment. Jack Russell Terriers require a premium pet food diet in order to fuel their active little lives, eg. Royal Canin have a breed specific fully balanced diet specially formulated for Jack Russell Terriers (Currently on special! see link below for more information). They would best suit a multi-pet household to avoid them getting bored when they are home alone, however that could result in double the fun and double the trouble!

Breed Personality, Characteristics & Temperament
Jack Russell Terriers are predominantly white with black, tan or tri-colour markings and can have either a smooth or broken coat. They are a feisty and energetic breed that can excel in obedience, Flyball or agility. They can also be single minded, tenacious, courageous, playful and affectionate. Regular exercise and stimulation is needed and they are right at home on a farm.

Compatibility with Other Pets
Jack Russell Terriers can be playful with other dogs and good with household animals, can be aggressive with same sex dogs. They are good with children, but will not tolerate rough handling.

Care Requirements
The Jack Russell Terrier is easy to care for. Bath when needed, as they do tend to shed a fair amount of hair, brushing once or twice a week will remove loose hair. Whether rough or smooth the coat is harsh, close and dense.