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Indorex - Insecticidal Spray For Your Household

IndorexIndorex is an insecticidal spray for use in household living spaces and is recommended to be used as part of an integrated flea control program in pet owner's homes.

95% of a flea's life time is spent living in the environment and not on your pet (e.g. your home or kennels).To eliminate them from your pet, and control any re-infestation, the control program you put in place needs to not only address the fleas on your pet, but also all of the life stages in the household environment - adults, eggs, larvae and pupae.

Treating the living spaces (all the areas your pet spends time - inside and outside) with appropriate and effective environmental treatment, in conjunction with a topical or oral product used on your pet, will effectively break the flea lifecycle within your home.

Indorex acts in the environment to break the flea lifecycle for up to 12 months - it contains an adulticide to kill adult fleas and an insect growth regulator to prevent the development of immature fleas into adult fleas.

Flea life stages

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