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How NexGard Can Save Your Dog From Ticks

It is vitally important pet owners protect their dogs against paralysis ticks all year round. They are life threatening to pets in Australia. However, a large percentage of pet owners don't even realise they live in a paralysis tick area.

Ticks attach to passing animals that brush up against long grass and leafy shrubbery. A simple trip to the dog park can result in a tick attaching to a dog.

The paralysis tick injects a potent toxin into the blood of the dog. The toxin is released through the saliva of a female tick as it attaches, bites and feeds on the blood and infests the skin of the dog. The toxin directly affects the nervous system, leading to life threatening symptoms in the dog.
Dogs should be thoroughly inspected daily, especially after a day of outside activities. Because the tick gets bigger as it feeds on the blood, it can be difficult to find during the first couple of days of attachment.

Since there is a lag between the toxin entering the body and the symptoms arising, it is important for dog owners to monitor their pet's behaviour if a tick is removed and to take them directly to the vet if they suspect paralysis tick.

Symptoms can include weakness and/or paralysis of the legs, vomiting, difficulty breathing, regurgitation and changes to their bark sound

Thanks to NexGard you can protect your dog from ticks and fleas with a simple one chew, once a month treatment.

  • Kills Paralysis and Brown Dog ticks by 48 hours after dosing.
  • Kills Bush Ticks by 72 hours after dosing
  • Kills adult fleas by 8 hours after dosing

NexGard is the simple solution for flea and tick control with greater convenience for pet owners and an appealing treat for dogs.

Please note: Any information we provide is general information only, for professional advice please seek a veterinarian.