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Great First Pets For Kids
There are so many benefits to kids growing up with pets. Just think of all the fond memories you have from owning a pet when you were young.

Thinking of going down the non-traditional route? Here is our list of animals that would make great and unconventional family members.
Guinea pig – These adorable little bundles of fur are great first pets. Guinea pigs are easy to care for and love affection. Ahead of the health movement, they are strict vegans who live off plants and vegetables guinea pigs
Bearded dragon – bearded dragons are quiet, gentle and interactive reptiles that are fun to care for. Upfront costs can be expensive, but overall they are one of the cheapest pets to maintain over the long term. bearded dragon
Goldfish – The humble goldfish is a great first pets for kids. With the correct initial set up they are low maintenance, but fun to keep. There is so many colourful varieties and your kids can have more than one.  goldfish
Axolotl (Mexican walking fish) - Unusual in more ways than one, these wonderfully weird creatures make fantastic pets. They come in a variety of colours, including pink, and they have a life span of up to 15 years. They are relatively cheap to care for, however there will be some upfront costs.  axolotl
Budgerigar – The budgerigar has been a popular pet option for years and can be found in almost every pet store. They have fascinating personalities which make them excellent pets. Budgies are playful, curious and love to explore. Humans who can’t be around all the time should consider buying budgies in pairs because they love company.  budgerigar
Please note: Any information we provide is general information only, for professional advice please seek a veterinarian.